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When asked directly by a 9-year-old at a town hall in New Hampshire Thursday evening, Republican candidate for president Nikki Haley said that she “would issue a pardon” for Donald Trump if she becomes president. Ron DeSantis, while doing his best to be evasive, implied something similar a few months ago. Haley then added that she would do this because having an 80-year-old man sitting in jail would continue to divide our country, and our nation needs healing.

Oh, I get it. She feels putting an 80-year-old man in jail would further divide our country. That is, unless, that 80-year-old man just happens to be named Joe Biden - and then it’s “Lock him up!” But I get the point she and the Republicans are making here. They don’t want a criminal like Trump “dividing the country” while he’s in jail. They’d prefer he be walking the streets as a free man when he’s “dividing the country.”

So, Nikki Haley says she will pardon Trump because even if he’s found guilty, “a leader needs to think about what's in the best interest of the country.” Really? Because, I have the feeling a lot of folks feel locking Trump up somewhere where he doesn’t have access to a cellphone, Twitter, or any other social media would be one the best things that has happened to our country since Kanye West changed his name to “Ye.”

Whoa - and guess who is getting hit hard with actual serious questions when she’s not cocooned in the Republican safe haven of “Fox News?” I mean, first - some smartypants asks her, “What was the cause of the Civil War,” and she doesn’t even mention “slavery.” Then, a 9-year-old got her to admit that she would “pardon Donald Trump” if elected. Shame no one asked her if she would have “pardoned Hitler” had she been around during WW II.

I mean, does she seriously think Trump and his thugs will just “go away” after he’s been pardoned? Of course not. What she’s doing is desperately trying to stay in the good graces of the Trump cult. So much so, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she soon announces that she “wants to buy Greenland.” Little late on that one, Nikki; Greenland was selling for only half price on Black Friday. Anyway, summing it all up and given his huge lead in the polls, it appears the majority of Republicans believe “We have to reelect Trump in order to heal all those damaging wounds - that Trump inflicted on this country during his first term.”

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