Source: Wikimedia Commons
After causing quite a stir a few weeks ago when she told an audience member that the Civil War was fought over “States Rights,” refusing to even mention slavery, Republican Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley continued raising eyebrows again this week when Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked her if she thought the Republican Party was racist or if America was a “racist country.” Astonishingly, Haley immediately said, “No! We’re not a racist country, Brian! We’ve never been a racist country.”

Wow! The new “female Mike Pence” just said what? That said, and in all fairness, she may have just raised an interesting point here. I mean, other than the slavery, repressive Jim Crow laws, the systematic slaughter and expropriation of Native Americans from their land, the segregation, the lynchings, the laws against interracial dating and marriage, discrimination in housing, education, and hiring, the negative and condescending portrayal of people of color in the media, minority voter suppression, and police profiling - other than those few things, I’m sure most minorities in this country feel everything has always been just terrific.

That said, I suppose technically, one might argue that it isn’t the “country” that’s racist; it’s only the dominant group of people living here, along with their laws. Hey, wonder if what Nikki really meant to say was, “We've never been a racist country, but my party is working very hard to change that.” You know, with all those new-fangled MAGA cult-approved history books. I tell ya, those gaslighting Republicans sure have their work cut out for them, trying to erase centuries of American history like it never existed. Gee, no wonder those newly elected GOP school board officials have been frantically trying to ban all those textbooks.

And those funny-looking folks all dressed up in their white sheets and hoods? Why, they just enjoy wearing their Halloween costumes - year-round. You see, Nikki Haley is smart enough to realize she had damn well better tell Fox viewers and the half-witted MAGA base exactly what they want to hear, even if she has to lay it between the lines and in code. Otherwise, we’ll see “Haley’s Comet” come crashing down faster than you can say “Sarah Palin.”