Source: Wikimedia Commons
Former president Donald Trump created shock and uncertainty among world leaders as he ramped up his attacks on NATO this past Saturday at one of his rallies, claiming that he suggested to a foreign leader that he would encourage Russia to do “whatever the hell they want” to member countries he views as “not living up to their financial obligations” by paying what he considers their “fair share” for NATO protection.

Gee, you mean the guy who routinely stiffs contractors, lawyers, and vendors, cheats investors, steals from his charities, and lies about the taxes he owes - just told our closest and most important allies, “You better pay your damn bills?” All that’s missing in this scenario is Trump telling them, “It’d sure be a damn shame to see anything bad happen to you and your pretty little country!” Now, I know some of you Libtards are gonna ask, “What’s the difference between what Trump just said and some Mob boss demanding protection money?” Well, the obvious answer is “mob bosses don’t usually smear orange makeup all over their faces before they make their vile threats.”

Of course, and in all fairness, I suppose anyone would have said the same thing Mr. Trump did, assuming they had been repeatedly dropped directly on their heads as a small child. Look, all Donald Trump is saying is that he would be perfectly fine if Putin attacked our NATO allies - thus starting WWIII. Other than that, what’s the problem? I mean, according to Trump, he and Putin are friends, and it’s like the song says, “That’s What Friends are For.” Besides, if Trump doesn’t get reelected, who’s gonna do things like try and buy Greenland, or tell folks they can just shoot up bleach to cure COVID, or tell the world’s dictators how much he admires how easily they “get things done?” So, let that set in for a minute or two, and then do like I’m gonna do, and reach for that bottle of Jack Daniels.