Source: Wikimedia Commons
A New York jury found that Wayne LaPierre, who led the NRA for three decades, squandered millions on exotic vacations, private jets, and expensive clothes. The jury said he was liable for $5.4 million in damages. Jurors also determined that the NRA failed to include or misrepresented information in tax filings and broke New York law by not adopting a whistleblower policy.

Wow, what a shame something like this can happen to a guy like Wayne LaPierre. A guy who has given so much…in brides - to Republican politicians. Now, LaPierre explained in court that he needed to use private jets for safety reasons and the 108-foot yacht as a “security retreat.” Gee, and here all the time, we thought all those folks needed for security was just a “good guy with a gun.” Who knew? Oh, well, I guess its like the old saying goes, “From your “cold dead hands - into my wallet.”

You see, with all that money coming in, LaPierre thought he’d pull a “Trump,” but then folks got wise - and instead, it turned out what he actually did was take a “dump.” Now, in his defense, one does have to admit that who could have possibly even guessed that using non-profit money for purchasing lavish mansions, $25,000 custom-tailored, three-piece suits, using private jets, and just lounging your days away on great big yachts could be considered a bad thing?

Ironically, it was Iran-contra ex-felon Oliver North who helped bring a lot of this misappropriation of non-profit NRA funds to light. The thing is when folks like Oliver North have somehow become the voice of reason, you pretty much know things have just about hit rock bottom. Why, word has it on the street that things inside the NRA have become so chaotic that its almost enough to make folks like Putin and the Russians wanna ask for those tens of millions back that they they funneled into the NRA to bribe Republican politicians.

Of course, it’s always been pretty damn obvious to everyone but half-witted, MAGA sycophants that the NRA is really just about all the money - and not really the Second Amendment as they claim. Even so, it sure seems like this time, Wayne LaPierre let his greedy ways end up shooting himself right in the foot. That said, because this is only a civil suit and not a criminal trial, no one will be going to jail over any of this.

Naturally, that’s gonna really piss off those pesky Libtards and start them wondering why stealing millions and millions in non-profit donations is not a criminal act? Well, come on, now! That’s easy enough to answer - because these folks are privileged, wealthy, white Republicans. I mean, what else do you need to know?