Source: Wikimedia Commons
At the insistence of the Republican Party’s Supreme Leader and Orange God, Republican National Committee (RNC) boss Romney McDaniels and co-chair Drew McKissick have been forced to step aside, making way for Trump daughter-in-law Lara Trump and Trump sycophant Michael Whatley to take command, thereby completing the full Trump family takeover of the entire Republican Party and its funding apparatus.

Really? Gee, I wonder if this means Lara Trump's “singing career” is now officially over? And just when there was talk of her being next year's Super Bowl halftime performer. One thing’s for sure: anyone who saw Lara’s attempt at singing Tom Petty’s hit tune “I Won’t Back Down” during that interview on Australia’s “Sky News” - will not easily erase that event from their minds. Of course, Taylor Swift can now rest easy again. Her main competition has just taken a “day job” with the RNC.

First item of business - crank up the salary of an RNC chairperson. After that, Lara Trump has already said that "Every single penny" will go to electing Donald Trump. This means that all the poor “down ballot” Republican candidates are about to find out that instead of receiving RNC cash infusions to help promote their campaigns, they’ll instead receive $50 Amazon gift cards to spend as they wish. Laugh if you want, but you can buy a lot of over-the-counter headache meds for $50 - and it sure looks like they’re gonna need them.

Now, knowing the Trumps, its a safe bet to assume once she’s in control, Lara Trump will force Republicans to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before going to bed. Of course, just so there’s no confusion, that would be a Pledge of Allegiance to “Donald Trump,” not to the United States of America. That said, this RNC boss job does come with a few hazards attached to it. That’s right, there is a real danger Lara may go completely mad when she comes face-to-face with all those hundreds of millions of dollars - just sitting there - for her to spend as she pleases.

Kind of makes you wonder if anyone other than we Libtards can actually see how damaging this will be to the Republican Party - having a “Trump” in complete control of the RNC pursestrings? I mean, Lara Trump and her pals will soon be sucking out all those RNC cash donations faster than one of those fancy Dyson vacuum cleaners. In fact, this looting of the RNC piggybank is on its way to becoming one of the biggest heists in history, with the Trumps likely to rake in a windfall in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So, one might ask, “Will this make Republicans get wise and call them on the scam?” Not on your life. Republican cultists will gleefully cheer them on, all the while begging for “more grape Kool-Aid please.” Besides, they have much more important things to worry about, like Hunter Biden.