Source: Wikimedia Commons
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's 18-year-old son Tyler, along with his underage cohorts, have been arrested in Rifle, Colorado. Tyler has been charged with 22 criminal counts, including five felonies, following a crime spree that included stealing $75 cash from a woman with a brain tumor, which she said was the only money she had "left to her name,” as well as stealing credit and debit cards from cars parked at various locations around Rifle. Ironically, he committed these crimes while wearing a “Shooters Grill” hoodie from his mother’s old restaurant. In addition, he also is alleged to have made a sex tape with a female minor and at least one other male who is/was also a minor.

Gee, who could’ve seen that coming when you have a mother who’s a high school dropout, a grifter, a Christian Nationalist-turned-congresswoman with multiple arrests herself - who married a guy who was convicted of exposing himself to her and her underage friends at a bowling alley? A good Christian family that sends out Christmas cards each year featuring her and her now ex-husband, along with their four children, all armed to the teeth with lethal assault weapons. That’s certainly an interesting take she has on the Christmas slogan “Peace on Earth.”

Anyway, before we jump to any conclusions, its important to remember that you can’t always blame the parents for the way a child turns out. After all, some parents can do everything perfectly right, and yet their kids can still turn out to be hardened criminals, or conservative Republicans - and sometimes - even both.

Besides, Tyler’s father, Jayson Boebert, who bailed Tyler out, says he knows exactly why his son has turned to crime. He blames it all on mismanagement of the COVID shutdown and the mainstream media. And I get where he’s coming from on that. Hell, I once got a COVID vaccination and then went home and watched about half of an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to go out and stick up a convenience store.

Of course, I do have to give the Boebert’s credit for one thing. At least they didn’t try to blame their son’s criminal behavior on illegal aliens crossing the border and taking dishwashing jobs down in San Diego, or women from Red States trying to sneak across state lines to get abortions, or Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or Hunter Biden’s laptop, or the dismantling of confederate statues, or drag queens and the “Gay Agenda.” At least not yet; they haven’t.

That said, and all joking aside, I do realize this poor kid really didn’t have much of a chance to have a normal life growing up with these sick bastards for parents, and I sincerely hope he’s able to get some serious counseling while he’s incarcerated. That certainly doesn’t excuse what he did, but at least it might offer some small semblance of hope that when he gets out, he doesn’t become even more of a threat to society and to himself. Meanwhile, I will try to reconcile the fact that a monster like her still has three more sons who are still under her influence.