Source: Wikimedia Commons
During what many are calling an absolutely insane rebuttal to President Biden’s “State of the Union” address, Sen. Katie Boyd Britt (R-Ala.), walked onto a studio sound stage (set up like an upper-middle-class kitchen) and began to link a harrowing account of a young woman’s sex trafficking and rape by a Mexican drug cartel, to Joe Biden’s immigration policies of the 2020s. She did this even though the abuse happened nearly 20 years ago and in Mexico - and at a time when Republican George W. Bush was president, not Joe Biden. The girl about whom Sen. Britt spoke - was thrown out of her house by her mother at age 12 and eventually “fell prey to a professional pimp.” There is no evidence that she was ever held by a drug cartel, as Katie claimed. In addition, the young victim testified that most of her clients for prostitution were foreigners visiting Mexico to have sex with underage girls.

Okay, so now let me get this straight. A young Mexican female was thrown into prostitution and repeatedly raped in Mexico 20 years ago. She now lives here in the US where she feels safe and is no longer being victimized - and this is why we need to support Donald Trump’s immigration policies, a guy who would - without even a second thought - have her deported right back to Mexico. On top of that, we also need to place the blame for what happened directly on Joe Biden, even though Biden didn’t take office until late January 2021. Sure, all that makes sense, especially if you happen to have an untreated head injury.

So, then Republicans decide to have this crazy person do a SOTU rebuttal from a fake kitchen on a studio sound stage? I mean, just when you think things couldn’t get much more insane in the MAGA world - along comes Katie. Let’s hope they kept her far away from all those kitchen knives! Wonder if her Republican handlers, who thought it was a good idea to place her in a kitchen, also insisted she be barefoot? Anyway, gotta hand it to those MAGA cultists for finding a way to blame Joe Biden for a rape that took place in another country back in 2004. What’s next? Linking Joe Biden to Anne Frank?

It's funny how Christian Nationalists like Katie Britt, who always seem to be so concerned about everyone else’s sins, seem to forget to mention that “lying is also a sin!” For example, had George Washington been a MAGA Republican, I’m pretty certain his 6-year-old self would have said, “Father, I cannot tell a lie - Biden cut down that friggin’ cherry tree.” You see, lying comes to MAGAs just as easily as breathing. In fact, that’s about the only time one can be fully certain MAGAs aren’t lying - when they’re not breathing. You know, like what happened when so many of the MAGAs refused to get COVID vaccines because the folks over at Fox News told them COVID was a hoax.

Anyway, so Sen. Katie Britt - without any hesitation whatsoever - goes in front of the camera and implies that “God inspired her to come forward and tell this story.” Gee, no kidding, senator? So, I guess God must have also told you to “lie like a friggin’ rug.” That said, I do have to give her credit, though. In just one simple video, she was able to tell so many big lies, that even George Santos started feeling a little envious.

Of course, Sen. Britt says she’s against sexual predators, but what about her cult leader, Donald Trump? He’s a convicted sexual predator. I guess with folks like Katie, its kind of like, “OK, Donald Trump may be a sexual predator, but he’s OUR sexual predator!” Hey Katie, I have an interesting question for you as a devout Christian Nationalist. If you had a daughter, and if those cartels you lied about “raped and impregnated your daughter,” would you still be “okay about it” if Alabama imprisoned your daughter for terminating her pregnancy?