Source: Twitter "X" Screen Grab
Westwood News reports that Tyler Boebert, the 19-year-old oldest son of Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, appeared without any family present before a judge in Garfield County courtroom on Thursday saying he is having difficulty retaining counsel because he can't afford their rates. Boebert and a number of underage accomplices face fourteen counts, including felony identity theft for a series of car break-ins and robberies in the town of Rifle, including stealing the last $75 from a woman with a brain tumor who said that $75 was “all she had left to her name.”

Well, gee whiz, it appears the Boebert family is making the Sarah Palin clan look like rank amateurs on the “Wackadoodle Scale.” No wonder Congresswoman Boebert is able to so accurately pinpoint “what’s so wrong with America.” Why, she uses her own family as an example. Ironically, Tyler’s father Jayson Boebert, will also be appearing in a courtroom soon to answer to charges over an altercation he was in. Too bad its not the same courtroom! Hell, they could have carpooled together and saved gas. Of course, while all this is going on, Tyler’s Republican mom, Lauren, has been busy running political ads portraying her as “mother of the year.” Well, at least she’s got the “mother” part right, anyway.

So, now Tyler claims he can’t afford to pay a lawyer? Now, not to be overly critical, but it seems you really have to be just blowing through all your cash if you can’t afford a lawyer in a place like Rifle, Colorado. Hell, why not just hire one and then simply not pay them? That seems to work really well for Trump. Either that, or you could sue the judge and talk shit about his daughter on “X.” I hear that works really well, also. That said, I wonder why he hasn’t bothered to hit up those new RNC bosses for some cash. They always seem more than happy to shell out for attorney’s fees in criminal cases.

Anyway, now Tyler stands accused of multiple felonies and stealing the last $75 from a woman with a brain tumor. Now, if that doesn’t make his mom and all those Social Darwinist MAGA half-wits proud, I don’t know what will! Its survival of the fittest, baby! Of course, it goes without saying that the Libtards are gonna be all up in arms about this. Why, I can hear all their bleeding hearts crying about how what he did “just wasn’t very nice!” Okay, it wasn’t nice, but come on! Give poor Tyler a break! After all, its not like he stole donations from a “bogus children's cancer charity” he was running or something. Besides, I hear they let you do that kind of thing when you’re famous.