I bet all of us are familiar with this popular song in which the original title is "Some good things never last" performed by both great artists Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand, two of my favorite singers. Both renditions were awesome and sang with all their hearts. I love their songs, most of it talks about love, which is by far life's greatest experience. Not to mention I am basically a hopeless romantic. :)

Today after almost an hour of exercise at home, I decided to sing several songs in the karaoke that we bought in the Philippines after my husband Ton and I got married in 2007. We both love music and we love to sing. He’s a rocker while I am more of a sentimental singer. He also plays guitar (rhythm) and the soloist in a band. This is I guess one of those things we have in common that make us click.

I think I got my talent in singing from my mother, although my father loves to sing, unfortunately he can’t carry a tune. Whenever he sings, the people present will always teased him to be out of tune but he never really mind, he just continued. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and we all can sing, runs in the family so they say. If my memory serves me right, it was when I was in high school that I noticed I can sing. I remembered one of the songs that I always sing was Inseparable by R&B singer Natalie Cole. I really liked that song.

Barbra Streisand?, well she is an all-time favorite of mine already. There was a time I sang the song Evergreen when I was in my 4th year HS during one of our programs in school and every level should be presenting a number, Our group was assigned to perform that day, and I was chosen to do that and was accompanied by a classmate of mine Edison who played the guitar for me. I sang it at the entrance door of our school chapel in front of all the students and our professors. I got lucky because everybody applauded after I was done singing.

At some point in my life, it became sort of a profession for me for the simple reason that I was being paid to sing. That was when singing in the karaoke was the hype. I was able to go to Japan because of my talent in singing. Although I wasn’t very successful professionally in this category, during those years that I was singing, I knew I made an impact in the hearts of the people who in one way or another have heard me singing my heart out. Anyway….if I continue telling the stories related to this hobby of mine,which is a lot, this blog should have been titled – My love of Singing or Singing my heart out. :)

Why the title “ Some good things never (really) last” ? Because as I was singing it today, tears fell even before the song was finished. I can’t help but remember my mom. She’s one of the best things that ever happened in my life, in our family’s lives and she died untimely.

What’s happening in our lives, past and present, whether good or bad were and are the results of the choices we made. Most of the stories relating to the above title were stories of love, one of the greatest emotions we have, in fact for me, it’s the best of all human emotions.

All of us regardless of who we are, have felt this strong emotion to someone and we were loved back as well. Most of the relationships especially nowadays doesn’t really last forever (or is it better to say) that long. But is there such a thing as “forever” ? I still believe it still exist though but honestly there's a hint of doubt in it.

One of my closest friends had a tragic memory of her first love. She and the father of her daughter met abroad. It was in the church (good omen?) that they met. He asked her name, he was very handsome she told me, in fact a lot of girls were after him and she will be very proud saying this whenever we hang out “ Sorry girls,(with matching chinned up and posing with both hands in her waist) he chose me with a laugh” but it was because she was just very happy. When they met, right then and there she knew immediately deep inside her heart that they will be together “for the rest of their lives”.

She came on his life at the right time, he was then in the midst of love crisis because the mother of his 2 kids who was left in his homeland betrayed him and spent all the money he was sending to them. That was really a heartbreaking situation, she told me there was even an instance when he thought of committing suicide, he was so devastated but was very thankful too that he met my beautiful friend at the time when he was so vulnerable and needed someone to somehow ease the pain and loneliness he was experiencing.

And they fell in love, very deeply for each other. I have witnessed how happy they were, everyone around them can actually see that love shining in their eyes. He was very protective of her, both of them were so caring for each other.They compliment each other. They did lots of good things together, had great memories captured which were all reminders of a once beautiful love story. She never doubted and I had no doubt too based on what I saw and what my friend was telling me that their relationship for sure will stand the test of time. But... it wasn’t the case…

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