Quote: “Everybody loves to hate the WSIB-we do a lot for injured workers.”

Oh, yes he’s done a lot for me.

He allows bending of compliance rules to the breaking point by employers.
He allows employers to lie, like telling WSIB that union representation is present when it never was.
He allows issuing of CRA slips even when one has been denied compensation 3 times, which usually means ZERO compensation awarded.
He allows adjudicators to verbally assault me, telling me I “deserved to be beaten” and left for dead. It was nice to have a witness to this conversation.

My file contains all of the above.

He has seen to it in the last 4 years that I lose my car, my credit, my marriage and almost my life to PTSD via suicide and most recently, a heart attack.

Thank you Mr. Marshall….what a wonderful man you are.