I am going to tell you a story.

One that I haven't thought about until a picture; this picture, transported me back to a moment to end indecision.
You see, that’s me.
Standing on the edge above the city where I began.
Encased in darkness, watching the lights flicker down below, feeling the warm air blow through the mountain. I was so close to it all yet just out of reach.
In the moment I was just tired.
I decided that this was the moment I would stop hiding because the darkness was winning.
Being invisible was in equal parts my protector and my destroyer. Being invisible; allowing the light to let me disappear- that was my choice.
But in this moment; knowing it wouldn't happen all at once, knowing only in fleeting flashes had I been seen before.
I made a new choice.
I decided to let the light help me appear for the first time.