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When the bump began to show, she knew it was time to tell Jaysun. “Did I make the right choice? God, I hope so…” The billboards, pop-ups and phone adds told her that no, she had not made the right choice. Her child would be mentally or physically deficient in some unknown and consequential way.

“Love, the baby will be born in 130 days, give or take a few minutes,” she said in a very quiet voice to her husband, he was dressing for work by the bed.

“That’s great, honey. I think he’s going to be a famous athlete. We did get the athlete chip in the package, right?” Jaysun asked offhandedly as he put on his work slacks while glancing in the full-length mirror.

Mona felt a nervous twitch run through her body. “I have something to tell you, Jaysun.” She always addressed him with an endearment, like “honey,” “sweetie,” “muffin,” or any number of names that would make their friends go “eeeew.” She never called him by his name.

He looked at her intently now, his stark, cold blue eyes boring right into her brain. “Don’t tell me you forgot the sports chip!”

“No, nothing like that…” She hesitated. “He doesn’t have any chips. I stopped taking birth control a long time ago. He’s ours, all ours! For better or worse, sick or healthy, perfect or not.”

Jaysun’s thin body became rigid. “WHAT? A natural??? You’re kidding, right?”

“No, honey, I’m telling the truth. I’m carrying your child.”

“A 40% likelihood of serious physical or mental issues, and you chose, CHOSE to have a natural!” He slapped the bed with his palm. “Maybe we should have talked about this before.” His face began to turn red.

“Fine. He better turn out healthy, or I’m out of here.” He hastily put on his clothes and shoes without another word, and stormed out of the front door of the condo.

“Fine,” said Mona after the door slammed shut. “I’ll be gone before you have the chance to leave me.” The trickle of tears became a sob as she walked around the home she and Jaysun had shared for the last 5 years.

She knew would love the child no matter what; she loved him already, with the bond only a mother and child can know. She had been hoping that she and Jaysun could choose a name together, but that was no longer a factor.

With both hands lightly on her belly, she said “You name will be my choice.”