I will be your Icarus
And tumble-
Headfirst and wingless
Into your icy seas.

For you I will fall
Like Icarus - wingless
Through an armless sky
Until uncaught I sink beneath the waves

And they will name a sea after me
And in a hundred two hundred three thousand years
They will whisper of me-
As one who flew too near to you.

Let me be your Icarus
Your heat will thaw my gentle wax
Until I fall
Headfirst and wingless

But I would do it again
And again and again
And never see the feathers float away
As the melting wax drips and drops

All I will see is the sky
Blue as the sea
Blue as your eyes
As I tumble down.

So I could be your icarus
Impulsive and full of mirth
Caught up in the exuberance of you
Until I melt and fall-

Fall for you
Fall hard
Fall until there is nothing else to life than falling

And I would do it again
For you
And the fear and the thrill
Of tumbling through empty air