this ray of sunlight
that gleams through the shutter
is a sight i admire
even when it’s hard
to crack a smile
as i‘m stuck
in this bed of mine

as the spare change
lost in the couch
hidden but never failed
to be pulled
back into the dark
like a rubber band
i’m set to fly
and land abrupt

with my tongue tied
unable to utter
i try to reach out
but my hand falls
into a pit of emptiness

fooled by imagination
thinking i could hold onto
a life where i don’t suffer

but i’m sinking
and held up by despair
walking on a thin string
praying it won’t tear
because while
my hearts light
i still carry weight
on my shoulders
and it manages to
press down on
my hollow chest
in attempts of
ending this battle
that i won’t admit

i’m stuck in
my own nest
about a week
before the cycle repeats
again, i’m stuck
and everyone is
fast asleep