Yes Im super late so ill just list them

January - Was working my first Salary Job

February - Was Terminated from Salary Job. Had multiple interviews immediately after

March - Had to work as a independent Contractor at my old job instead as a supervisor. Also Car broke down.... cause why not. Decided to get my Osha 40 to work in Construction

April - Started working more at the Theatre. Got a job working in Air Vents. Got laid off in a week though. Around this time i think my fiancée pregnant..... again

May - She is pregnant. 5 months pregnant n baby due in October. Thought i got a job in theatre but its Construction lowkey. Left after 1 week because it was too inconsistent and inconvenient. Started working at AAR, a airplane repair, maintenance and overhaul facility, via Randstand. Also performed in a play called Hispaniola

June - New job is ok. Pays all bills n Rent and keeps my head above water. The commute is almost 2 hours just to get their. Oh also 1st child first birthday

July - Got a car again. It....somewhat works. Commute to work is 20mins instead of 2 fucking hours

Aug - 1 year engagement anniversary together for 5 years. Last NerdHaven event of the year. Nothing else really happen this month

Sept - Started Boxing. Trying to start a new carrer. Also random drug test at work.... i should be good though. Then got into a car accident, i wasnt even driving

Oct - Yeah i wasnt good. They walk me out, can't have thc in ya system at this specific job. Then my second child is born. Randstand got me a new job working in a warehouse overnight, 8pm-8am ish. Hard month of running all over the fucking place

Nov - laid off from the warehouse but got another job working as a delivery driver at Amazon....via Tooli. Also had to drop boxing since i cant afford it no more.

Dec - fuck Amazon, but mainly tooli. Holiday season is not fun to be a delivery driver.

This was a shit year as you can see

Lost 5 jobs
Celebrated 1st child first birthday
Performed Hispaniola
Got into a car accident for the 3rd time for the pass 3 years
Had a second child
and still struggling from paycheck to paycheck since fucking 2018
No New Year Resolutions cause im sick of making a plan and some shit happens
As of January 2024 im working under my father to learn his trade to finally be financially stable for once in my fucking life
Since i got 2 little menaces that look like me i need to have funds