This post is dedicated to Nicholas.

What would Shakespeare have done with AI if he were alive to see it? How would Shakespeare have coped with his literary & visionary sense of creative fruition? Would Shakespeare have said "What the blazes is going on? Would he have drowned in tea & more tea to analyze his strategic winning plan? Shakespeare would have been a willful man not a whimp! And what about my audacious richly deserving actor best friend among the other also talented unemployed NYC actors? What is the prognosis & out look for them praytell? Certainly actors like my best special friend deserve a break & an opportunity to be chosen for their individual gifted talents not discarded like a unique diamond ring to be trashed & thrashed to no end! So AI is the terminator & Armageddon in this brave new world! I thought what a waste when the truth is an exceptional handsome man does not need to be generated by & created by AI. Take for example my exceptional special actor is an exceptional handsome talented man so what's the use of creating him in AI??? It's marketing for everything & doing away with humans for AI? Would Shakespeare use an AI writer so I believe he would not!! I believe that the Adams administration would not care for actors or writers or directors who would illuminate with their genius at all & that goes for gifted actors. The Adams administration does not care for the arts no more than it cares for animal rights! Not once has any New York Mayor ever cared for animal rights! We have experienced the prototype of Trump in former NY Mayor Bill De Blasio who acted precisely like Trump by shamefully emblazoned lies even more & more. The carriage horses history of abuse & death is added to the annals of New York City. This actors strike & more loss of film theatrical jobs just shames New York lack of action. Surely now they create clones & AI for a space movie so is it to be all that & no AI generated films & stage plays to come! Actors need to be hired not annihilated because they are human. May the best team win & the other crisis stirs up & all crises disappears. Let's hope that this will be the prognosis that will linger on. The fact that we have souls makes us paramount so no AI can take place. Let's hope also that casting directors remember that also! Let's hope that writers will also be remembered for their writing with their souls so actors act with their souls & writers write with their souls. Remember their souls! Let's hope that they'll be more human actors employed than AI. Remember also also that all animals have souls also. It's the humans who make this or break it to share the human gifts not to be thrased or trashed like a unique diamond. I believe AI will be great for animation or if they eliminate musicians & only want AI to compose the music for a film a mistake it would be. Will it win the music & only want AI to compose the music for a film? Hell no! The human voice for singing & the stage also wants to block AI so singers & the human singing human voice will not be censored either. Human artistry with a soul has to win over & the talents of the ones with a human soul win& win! Let human actors face new works & not be unemployed because of AI. Or will AI become the boss of my special friend I truly hope not!! On second thought while you wreck your brains in Catching the magic bullet in figuring our very UFO case in world history then it is Artificial Intelligence which ,may hold the key to every UFO conundrum in humaqn history! Let my special actor friend be the boss of AI & acceptable! Let AI get his directions from my actor friend as he acts & directs AI. That would be progress for the human & if AI dominates in UFO conundrums let that be so!
by Naomi Semeniuk email: