I am traveling, but I've got a ways to go.

I am moving, but perhaps I'm moving too slow..
I'm not rushing, just gazing out of the window.

Just wait for me.

And will I be long?
Well, I really don't know.
And I can't ask the captian,
for He doesn't want me to know.
He just wants me to enjoy the view as we go.

Just wait for me.

And when I get there,
embrace me, for I've come so far.
And although they shall miss me,
fret not, for I'm right where you are.

And I'm never leaving.
I'll be right there,
Bathing in your light,
and soaking in your sun.

And our souls will eternally travel together,
And we'll leave our luggage on Earth,

Surely, time and milage are simply illusions.
And surely, we'll break barriers with no intrusions.
No more dreams and hopeful delusions.

Just wait for me.