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During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) refused to rule out the possibility that his state may ban certain forms of contraception. This was part of his attempt to sidestep any questions regarding exactly what Republicans plan to do next when Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Smart move, because everyone knows the best way to avoid people needing to have an abortion, would be to ban birth control. Now, conservatives are always quick to point out that "The Constitution doesn't guarantee the right to have an abortion,” which is true. On the other hand, the Constitution also doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to “scratch their ass” either. Perhaps it’s time we “crackdown” on that too?

Now, in their defense, it’s not really Republicans’ fault that most conservatives don’t fully understand the need for birth control. After all, they can just use their personalities for that. That said, I understand why Gov. Reeves would be reluctant to fully commit to whether he supports banning birth control. Fact is, the poor guy’s brain is only large enough to consider one ill-conceived idea at a time.

So, the great state of Mississippi, which has the nation's highest maternal mortality rate, wants to show the world how “Pro-Life” they are by defending religious freedom? I guess that makes sense, assuming your model for “religious freedom” is Iran or Afghanistan. You see, “religious freedom” to a Christian Supremacist means “we get to tell you how you’ll run your life, or else you’ll be going to prison.”

Fun Fact: Catholic Ireland is now more progressive on abortion than the US. That means if Republicans win the House and Senate this fall, women can expect to be basically reduced to “farm animal status.” Meanwhile, Louisiana Republicans just advanced a bill to make abortion a homicide, while granting constitutional rights “from the moment of fertilization.” Next up, ban masturbation and offer a bounty to anyone turning in a masturbator. Hate to admit it, but if they set that bounty high enough - I just might have to turn myself in.

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