Source: Buzz Aldrin's Twitter Feed
Buzz Aldrin announced on his Facebook page that he has married his "longtime love" in a small ceremony in Los Angeles. The former U.S. astronaut, who was the second human to ever walk on the moon, married 63-year-old Dr. Anca Faur on his 93rd birthday. Faur, who has a doctoral degree in chemical engineering, has served as executive vice present of Buzz Aldrin Ventures for the past four years. Aldrin added that the two of them are "as excited as eloping teenagers."

Gee whiz! Now, THAT - is a truly amazing story! Buzz goes all the way to the moon, only to return and discover his wife is now 30 years younger than he is. I mean, talk about Einstein’s relativity theories concerning space/time being put to the test! Folks, please take note, this is physics at its best.

The way I see it, Buzz’s story is a living testimony to human technological innovation. No, not some NASA innovation; I’m talking about Pfizer. Of course, even with the help of pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, folks will claim Buzz's “rocket and launchpad” are never gonna be what they used to be back in 1969.

Oddly, there are plenty of QAnon-types who don’t believe the moon landings were real and who think they were filmed in a movie studio. Sounds reasonable. I mean, all you’d have to do is convince the 12 “astronauts” who we watched land on the moon, tens of thousands of NASA employees, all the folks from other governments who also assisted, and all the movie people - to all agree to collectively lie together. What could be easier than that?

Anyway, all the best to Buzz and his new bride, Chelsea Handler - from 30 years in the future! Word has it Dr. Faur “mooned him” on their first date, and given his love of celestial objects, he then found her irresistible. After all, this marriage is “One giant step for (a 93-year-old) man.” So, congrats Buzz, and while you’re at it, punch another conspiracy theorist in the face for the rest of us, pal! You deserve to celebrate!

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