Source: Wikimedia Commons
Federal prosecutors have unsealed charges against four members of a Philadelphia-area truck robbery crew who made off with more than 2 million dimes that were being shipped from the US Mint in Philadelphia to Miami. The heist took place while the tractor-trailer driver was sleeping in a Philadelphia parking lot.

Well, I guess that pretty much explains why the local “Coinstar” machine was out of order. Seems these damn coin collectors will do about anything to get their grubby little hands on more coins. All I can say to these crooks is, “Don't steal that dime - if you can't do the time.” And I do mean crooks. I mean, it isn’t like these folks were gonna donate these coins to the “March of Dimes.” Of course, that’s just my opinion. I’m just trying to get my two cents worth in.

Was it really worth it? Well, even if these are a pretty good haul, it isn’t like these coins are “worth a mint.” Besides, this whole thing sounds more like one of those Nicolas Cage B-movie scripts with a title like “Oceans 7/11.” Hell, I can see some guy walking into a car dealership saying, “Excuse me, I wanna buy a new Tesla. Oh, and I’ll be paying with that pallet of dimes over there.” Oh, sure! Tesla claims its cars can stop on a dime, but can they be bought with dimes? That’s the question.

Now, I suppose at this point, a lot of you want to know if the cops were able to recover all of this stolen loot. Well, the answer is, “Yes, every last dime.” Frankly, I think by now its pretty apparent that I could keep making these “dime jokes” forever; however, I’ve also come to the realization that these jokes I’m spewing are just a “dime a dozen.” Hey, wait a minute! Why - I think I’ve just “coined” a new phrase. Alright, alright! I get it. Enough about the dimes. So what do you want me to do, “change“ the subject?

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