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Not long after Texas Judge Maya Guerra Gamble issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) barring the state of Texas from preventing a woman who has severe pregnancy complications from having an abortion, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent out threatening letters to Texas hospitals informing them that the TRO is temporary and that Texas will go after any hospital or doctor that provides pregnant Katie Cox with the necessary abortion. He then petitioned the conservative Texas Supreme Court, who then (as expected) overruled the lower court’s decision, thereby placing the woman’s abortion status in limbo. The fetus Katie Cox is carrying suffers from Edwards Syndrome, a fetal anomaly that, 50% of the time, results in the fetus dying before or during birth, with 95 percent of those surviving past that dying painful deaths within the next two weeks. Doctors have advised Cox the pregnancy is non-viable, and proceeding with it carries significant risks to her own future health.

So, it appears both a doctor and a judge approve of her urgent need to get an abortion, but the Texas Taliban does not. Gee, what fun it must be to live in a state governed by religious fanatics. All I can say is - its a damn shame Time Magazine doesn’t also do a “Jerk of the Year” award. Why Kenny Paxton would be a shoo-in. That said, I fully understand why this whole abortion issue is so important to Republicans. After all, if you’re a Republican, every fetus that gets aborted represents a child who will never get to own a gun. Can’t have that.

Is it just me, or does it just seem like yesterday when MAGAs were warning everyone about the dangers of “Sharia Law?” And yet here it is - right here in Texas - same thing - courtesy of Texas Republicans. Christian Nationalism implementing their own special brand of “Sharia Law.” Fact is, Republicans think the slogan, “My Body, My Choice,” should only apply to ”anti-vax" freaks, and everyone else had better just “shut the f**k up and do what we tell you.”

Now, am I the only one who thinks it rather ironic these Christofascists passed an infamous “Heartbeat Law” in Texas when not a single one of them appears to have something even close to anything resembling a human heart? I mean, a woman’s doctor who argued her health would be at risk if she carried this fetus to fruition has been overruled by a religious zealot named Ken Paxton, who is under the mistaken impression that he is not only a lawyer, but also a doctor - and a “human being.”

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