So today I went into this newsagents store with my partner to buy some wine.
I'm 25 years old and my partner is 26 and they refused to sell me alcohol although it's me buying it and I had my ID. My partner forgot his ID but they have ID him numerous of times and you can tell he is well over the age of 18, so why were they going over the top with us and singling me out?
They said it was to do with the under 25 policy which is meant to prevent underage customers comsuming alcohol but instead it stopped me which I am beyond the legal age of consuming alcohol and said I would not be able to buy alcohol from the shop even if my partner left or if I came back later ?
They treated me like a criminal and started sniggering at me due to this law and I felt, discriminated , upset and humilated.
Even though me and my partner are at the legal age and they know this.
This person said they could lose their job but they couldn't because if it was investigated it would prove that we would be at the legal age of alcohol consumption, They would only get prosecuted if we were under 18 years old but they already knew this.
I can't believe this has happened to me and I feel that the employee has abused their power.
I've tried reasoning with them but the employee at the store was being extremely awkward and rude.
Instead I left the store empty handed feeling annoyed and in this circumstance the law was abused just to discriminate and bully someone and in this case me.
Other people in the queue found this entertaining, and I find how I was treated was discusting I would never treat a fellow human being like that.
They completely missed the point of ID someone who looks under 25 years of age and have abused this law , I understand it was put in place to prevent underage alcohol consumption which is acceptable. I wouldn't want anyone under the age of 18 drinking alcohol , it's just instead my point was that law didn't work in this circumstance because it stopped someone buying alcohol at legal age and instead got humilated and discriminated for it.