US President Donald Trump is keen to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. He claims that it is one-sided, and that is not working. Another reason he gives is that Iran continues to spread terror by aiding groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. He is not the first US President to say this, and he won't be the last.

It never ceases to amaze at the hypocrisy of American leaders as they conveniently forget that the American Empire has been all about spreading terror across the globe especially in the Third World. The Central Intelligence Agency far from being an intelligence gathering organisation has been an instrument used by the American state to crush nations that Washington deemed unfriendly.You only have to read a few books like "The Devil's Chessboard" by David Talbot, "Veil" by Bob Woodward or "Inside the Company" by Phillip Agee to get a picture of what the CIA is all about.

If you want to understand why Iran is suspicions of Washington's motives, you have to go back to the 1950s. The Iran's elected Mohammad Mossadegh as Prime Minister.One of his aim's was to nationalize the oil, which put him conflict with Big Oil. The CIA organised a coup that ousted him from power and the Shah of Iran was re-installed. Decades of repression followed as Washington had a regime that sang its tune. The same thing happened in Guatemala, Chile, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Congo. In those days, the fear of Communism was the pretext for this type of action.Today its the War on Terror.

The list of despots supported by America is a rogues gallery. Ferdinand Marcos, Rafael Trujillo, Saddam Hussein, Papa Doc Duvalier,Fulgencio Batista, Mobutu Sese Seko and Augusto Pinochet are just a few of them. How is that supporting democracy or free speech? Death squads in El Salvador or mass disappearances in Chile. All condoned by Washington,or at least ignored. Is it any surprise that America is hated abroad?Most American's are unaware of what various Administrations have done in their name as they do not follow their own history.

Yes, America is more than capable of spreading terror. Whether its in the form of a drone strike wiping out innocent civilians or organising a coup that installs a puppet regime .It's still terror, even if its wrapped in the Stars and Stripes.