How often have you felt like that little one left with the marshmallow?

Sitting with the choice of feeling good quickly or gazing beyond the closed door that held the promise of two marshmallows in a few minutes/weeks/years? The famous test that gauged who a child would turn out to be, their later success in life, in love, in their bank account.

Sitting here on this shady afternoon, as the trees dance their branches against the falling sun, I think of that experiment. My nature has always had me watching that closed door, waiting for the double treat, that's just the way I'm built.

But...I'm also pondering if it was worth it. That belief that if we just worked a bit harder or longer into the night, we could still meet our friends who were 'well on their way' with the cheap beer. How long can that really serve you?

Or, forget it. It's only one class. Where are my friends?

And then as we grow older, the one more side-job, one more place to look for a deal, one more article to read. How long can we be tired and still continue.

Or, it doesn't matter. I'll do it tomorrow.

But here's the secret. The gravitational pull to being at either end is something that we are all working on. Finding balance is a trick we need to find soon, we can Feel Good and Feel Well, it's not an or. (Tweet This)

It is okay to sit and watch the shadows move right in front of us. To watch them bounce and change. And fade.

Don't wait too long. It is that magical place in-between that keeps us Well.

There are definitely some days when sitting in bed and devouring a good book is a good idea. We learn to not overdo.

There are also days, when we have to act as a superhero to get stuff done. We learn that we are capable.

We might feel okay while we're doing either of these things but we can't do either of them all the time. (Tweet This) As many a wise person has said, 'life catches up to you.'

When it involves feeling good for a short period of time in exchange for feeling well for a prolonged period, which do we choose? And how often? That's the crucial question.

Courtesy of Pixabay, Einfach-Eve

We feel good when we've accomplished a smaller goal, learning a new (quicker) way to post on social media, or balancing in tree pose for a little longer.

We feel good because these little feel good moments are a step to feeling well, for a long time.

Whatever you are trying to 'get over', make peace with how you feel, it's okay. And then, find the courage to make You better. When you keep picking at a wound it might feel good for a moment, but it keeps us stuck right there. Which one of us doesn't look back at a painful experience, and relive it? Again and again.

We need to remember that not feeling good is a sign to find a way to feel well. (Tweet This)

There is an industry out there waiting to help, from weight loss, to healing your grieving heart. But none of it is going to work until you decide that you rather Feel Well.

Picking at a wound might feel good for a moment, but it keeps us right there, it doesn't allow us to heal. (Tweet This)

What are you going to choose?

Stay well, stay kind.