Source: The Boston Globe
Forty-Pound African Serval on the Loose in New Hampshire: Police in Merrimack, New Hampshire, are alerting nearby residents to be on the lookout for a large exotic pet, a 40-pound African serval named Spartacus - who has wandered away from its home. Police caution, that while the animal “is more or less domesticated,” it would be a hazard for domestic cats, dogs, small animals, chickens and livestock.

No kidding, so it’s “more or less domesticated” is it? And, while I certainly hope this cat is safe and gets returned home to its family real soon, I’m not so sure all their unsuspecting neighbors are gonna fully share my well-wishes on that issue.

And the thing is, while I realize New Hampshire’s state motto is "Live free or die,” - I think in this case, something like "I'll live free - while you die,” would describe the situation a wee-bit more accurately. Oh well, perhaps neighbors can take some comfort in knowing at least they’re not gonna be the ones who have to clean that litter box!

Of course, in all fairness, I suppose police describing this big cat as “more or less domesticated” could be justified, given that the pic does show Spartacus enjoying a game of pool and pouring himself “a cup of joe.” Hey, wait a minute! Speaking of coffee, I could’ve sworn I saw this cat working behind the counter at Starbucks, when I was ordering my almond latte the other day.

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