Lust is something very vague to me. If I say that I ever feel sexually attracted to anyone, I'm lying.
People want what they don't have. I don't have any idea how it feels to be sexually stimulated, so I want to have that feeling. Even once, it would be enough.

In my head, lust is a pinkish fog that can easily lead visitors to the lost land by kissing on their eyes and feeding their nose with moisture. They will not even be aware of that since its touch is as subtle as the landing of dream on eyelashes. Subtle but ardent. I am not sure if it has any smell. It should (?). For smell is the wildest, the boldest, and the sliest of all sense. Your body barrier can only restrict the scent in a certain limit. The power of scent is its invisible but strong presence; you cannot see it with your own eyes because eyes is not what scent aims for, but nose is.

People acknowledge the existence of things when they can see the "things" with their own eyes. They trust their eyes so much that they allow themselves to be fooled. When too much power is given, distortion is followed. Power is an active substance. It reacts with anything that touches it or that it touches, and for some percentage is a cousin of lust. But back to the eyes and nose, there is always a second vision hidden in the nose, but unlike the eyes, the object that the nose can see is scent, and scent is invisible and formless. Scent is not stable, it messes with the brain. And the brain does not like to be messed with, so it prefers eyes more because what they bring are stable. Therefore, touchable and erasable.