Source: BBC
Man Arrested After Throwing Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window: A 24-year-old Jupiter, Florida prankster is facing up to 5-years in jail after being arrested for tossing a live alligator from the back of his truck, through the drive-thru window of a local Wendy’s restaurant.

Wow, hard to believe something like this could even happen in that bastion of sanity and reason that is Florida. But, before we judge, let’s first ask ourselves - who among us hasn’t at least thought about tossing an alligator through the drive-through window of their local fast-food restaurant?

Police told reporters that had this happened at a McDonald’s instead of a Wendy’s, they would have been forced to classify it as a Mac Attack. Even so, they said the prankster still must have had some really big McNuggets, to think he could get away with pulling off a stunt like this.

Why, even the man’s closest friends had to admit, that a prank like this is only funny until someone gets bitten, then - it becomes hilarious! Meanwhile, local residents expressed hope that the prankster’s arrest would finally take a serious bite out of crime in the neighborhood.

Not surprisingly, the prankster’s lawyer tied to claim his client was simply using the alligator to pay for his order, but a Wendy’s spokesperson said the restaurant chain has never accepted alligators as payment, pointing out it would just be way too difficult to make change.

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