Source: Daily Mail
Alligator Bites Off Arm of Florida Man Fleeing Police: Police in Lakeland, Florida, are searching for an alligator that bit off the hand and forearm of a man who was attempting to elude authorities by running into a lake.

Gee, now I wonder why they’d be looking for the poor alligator? Do they need it to make a statement or something? I mean, this is Florida - and the gator was just taking a bite out of crime.

Hell, the cops didn't even have to disarm the guy - the gator took care of that. Wonder how the hell the cop managed to handcuff a guy with one arm? Someone must have lent him a hand. Sounds like the cops may as well just exchange their K9 police dogs - for alligators.

Meanwhile, some are making the argument that the gator’s actions actually constitute a form of arm robbery in and of itself, but we’ll have to wait and see where the scales of justice fall on that one.

Of course, this incident does raise some valid legal questions. For example, was the gator properly deputized, and did it infringe on the man’s right to bear arms? All we really know is, he was not fully armed when police finally caught him.

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