Source: ABC7 New York
Noted Univ Penn Math Professor Booted from Plane Over Terrorist Fears: Guido Menzio, a distinguished, award-winning economics professor from the University of Pennsylvania, was removed from an American Airlines flight when a female passenger sitting nearby, reported him as a terrorist after noticing he was doodling odd-looking symbols while the plane was waiting for take-off - which she misinterpreted as Arabic writing, instead of the math calculations which they actually were.

Good grief! I fully understand this poor lady’s concern! I mean, math has always terrorized me too. Now, I don’t like to start rumors, but my guess is this professor may have been involved in a secret-organization that speaks a language that has struck terror into many a poor soul over the years. It’s called “Al Gebra.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t end well for our ever-vigilant lady traveler, because shortly after the flight was ready to resume, the airline replaced the booted math nerd with a female Trump supporter holding a hysterical, crying baby. So far, no confirmation yet as to whether that crying baby - was actually the President himself.

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