Source: Wikimedia Commons
Instagram has locked the account of rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West), after he suggested fellow musician Sean “Diddy” Combs was “controlled by Jewish people.” Then, just hours after billionaire Elon Musk welcomed him back to Twitter, Kanye posted an antisemitic tweet saying he would go to “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” Twitter responded by locking Kanye’s account also. However, those reactions to hate speech may soon be a thing of the past, if Elon Musk and a conservative-led movement get their way. They promise to rein in what they describe as “censorship” by Silicon Valley giants and have been busy passing state laws that seek to “restrict social media content moderation,” policies that are sure to make online hate speech much more commonplace.

Gee, I could be wrong, but I have the feeling many Americans really don’t want to be lectured about “censorship,” from a fanatical political movement that has spent the past year “banning books.” That said, I do agree it’s primarily MAGA Republicans whose accounts tend to be suspended. Now, not to be critical, but perhaps if they’d only consider posting something other than their hatred and distaste for everyone else, they just might get a friendlier reception. I mean, neo-Nazi groups like the “Proud Boys” complaining about “Cancel Culture” is just a wee bit much.

As for Kanye, well - it seems he’s now calling himself “Ye.” That said, is it just me, or based on his misleading, inflammatory, and totally insane posts, wouldn’t a better spelling be something along the lines of “CON - Ye?” Anyway, next time “Ye” sits down to design something new for his clothing line, maybe it might be a good idea for him to think about doing a new line of “designer straight jackets.” You never know, they just might come in handy someday. I mean, sometimes I wonder “just what the hell could Kim have been thinking,” but then I remembered she’s a Kardashian, so most likely - “no thinking was involved.”

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