Source: Rick Scott Twitter Screengrab
In a video he posted to Twitter, Sen Rick Scott (R-Fla) issued a travel warning for those coming to Florida, proclaiming, "If you're socialist, communist, or somebody that believes in big government (read liberal), I would think twice, think twice - if you're thinking about taking a vacation or moving to Florida!” Scott then added, “We're all about freedom here in Florida. And if your politics don't align, you're not free to come here.”

Wait! The guy who was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud and who took the 5th a full 75 times said what? So, its Sen. Scott who gets to decide who can come to Florida, eh? I didn’t realize Rick Scott owned Florida. And discouraging potential tourists from visiting Florida? What a genius strategy! I mean, its not like Florida gets a lot of revenue from tourism, or anything like that. I tell ya, these MAGA politicians are nobody’s dummies. My question is, how do Florida Republican politicians plan on identifying which people are the communists, socialists, and big government advocates? I mean, it isn’t like they all wear silly red hats like some folks we know.

Of course, this will also mean Scandinavians, Germans, Canadians, and most everyone from Western Europe will not be permitted to visit Florida - as those folks all live in socialist democracies. What’s behind all this nonsense, you may ask? Well, the only thing I can figure out is MAGA Republicans must have felt that Gov. Ron DeSantis didn't go far enough to fuck up Florida's tourist business when he launched his attack on Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, so Sen. Scott decided to issue a direct threat to the tourists themselves. You know, that villainous “Marxists for Mickey” crowd.

Not surprisingly, Republicans will be the first to tell you that there is nothing improper about an elected official threatening millions of people not to come to a specific part of the country because their political beliefs may differ from that of the MAGA Republican Party base. Besides, Nazis, Christian Nationalists, fascists, antisemites, homophobes, and white supremacists are still welcome, so it isn’t like they’re not being inclusive. So, what’s the problem? Why if one didn’t know better, one might think Florida Republicans are trying to build a “wall” to keep ideas they don’t like out. This isn’t your daddy’s Republican Party children.

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