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Just as Hurricane Hilary was plowing its way north from Baja, Mexico, into the southwestern United States, a preliminary 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Ojai, California, on Sunday. Ironically, the earthquake was the strongest to hit the Ojai area since 1932, while Hilary was the first tropical storm to hit California since 1939.

Wow, holy “Apocalypse Now” remake! I mean, just this year alone, we in LA have gone through record-breaking heat waves, severe drought, water shortages, wildfires, power outages, isolated tornados, and now a friggin’ earthquake in the middle of a hurricane! I mean, I’m thinking maybe I ought to head over to somewhere like Ukraine - just for a break. Now, is it just me, or does it seem like about the only thing missing here is “Godzilla” kicking over the Hollywood Sign?

Of course, Republicans will be the first to point out that this earthquake could have been entirely prevented - had we just raked our fault lines as Donald Trump suggested. Now, while my area seems to be faring pretty well so far, I did hear about a homicidal palm tree that toppled over in an obvious attempt to try and kill drivers in Topanga Canyon. And while the wind and rain in some areas of LA may have been a bit less intense than expected, let us not forget that when it rains in Los Angeles, it rains in Torrance.

Now, of course, it’s all up to those talented MAGA scientists who, as many of you may remember, regularly shared their expertise during the COVID pandemic on such scientifically-oriented programs as Fox News, The Joe Rogan Experience, Breitbart News, Newsmax, and the Bill Mahar show, to determine exactly how these recent natural disasters are directly linked to Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family.

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