Source: Twitter (X) Screen Grab
During a recent interview at the New York Times DealBook conference, a belligerent Elon Musk was asked about the growing advertiser exodus over antisemitism on his social media site “X.” In response, Musk shocked the crowd when he told advertisers “he doesn’t want their money,” and then, in no uncertain terms, told them to “Go f--- yourself.” Musk then added that if “X” does go bankrupt, the public will blame “censorious advertisers, not him or his actions.” Musk then vowed not to bow to this blackmail from outside companies or critics.

So, it seems a spoiled little rich kid of a bully runs into a wall at 100 mph - then blames the wall. It must have been one of those “WOKE” walls. Musk’s big mouth proves that you don’t have to be riding in one of his “driverless vehicles” to careen off a steep cliff. Perhaps he and the Trump family could all get together and commiserate over how badly they’ve been treated. After all, Elon Musk is all about “free speech,” and that, my friends, is exactly why he’s suing people for “speaking freely about him.”

I have to admit that even I was shocked at his remarks. I mean, who knew it was advertisers who were at fault for Musk being an unhinged loudmouth - with zero self-control? I tell you, this past year, Musk has been giving off some serious “stable genius vibes.” Why, its hard to believe advertisers wouldn’t want their products associated with a social media website where racists, antisemites, misogynists, homophobes, and conspiracy theorists all gather to spew their hate with impunity?

Seems Elon is using that old, “If I fail, it’s all your fault!” Gee, where have we heard that before? Of course, there will always be folks who say everyone’s being too hard on poor Elon. And I do have to admit that Elon isn’t someone who is afraid to speak what’s on his mind. In fact, he says the very things I would probably say myself - had I been dropped directly on my head as a small child. So go ahead, Elon, keep telling all your advertisers to “Go f--- themselves!” That’ll make them come crawling back! Besides, who cares if you lose Apple, IBM, Warner, and Disney when you’ve got folks like “Mr. Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell placing ads?

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