I was reading about the Muslim ban and it got me thinking about the Syrians and what they had gone through already. 6 years ago They went had jobs , houses , Schools , families , food , shops And hospitals. Now they have nothing just the clothes on their backs and any belongings they could get in the ruble that was once there home. They walk for miles risking there lives to go to a place where there is fresh water and food to eat and going to sleep at night without the fear of falling bombs. Some people want stay in Syria in hopes that the world can get together and find a solution so they no longer have to live in fear. It also starting to sound like the Anti Jew campaigns back in the 30s where thousands of people lost their lives because they disagreed with the religion and also he wanted power and control as well.

This is now getting scary because its what my great grandparents fought so hard for ( my great aunts made uniforms and did other work in factories to support the army I don't know if any of my family members fought in WW2 I think some did).It just seems like now everything they fought for is happening again. Our lifestyles are different but the reasons for Campaigning remains the same. We have more rights than they had then and its our ancestors that got us the rights we have today and there is still more that can be done. After Ww2 They created the United nations to prevent things like this happenings but it just seems like Mr Trump is causing More issues than solving them. In both the UK And the USA Mental illness are a huge issue because they aren't getting diagnosed sooner enough. It end up causing crimes and spending time in prison where their health won't improve and its costing both countries More money. Its not a new issue its been happening for years but nothing has been done about it yet . let's maybe focus on things that so we can help the citizens of our country and then work on the other issue.

Also going back to the UK Brexit thing ,everyone ignored the issues we were facing so when we voted leave it left most countries stunned. That's because no one thought it would happen ,it did . The Former Prime minster was shocked but me and the other voters wasn't .Its because we fought so hard for this for many years and we did it. Maybe Trump can learn from that because we aren't banning Muslims but we are controlling who is entering our country. The reason of leaving the EU had nothing to do with Any religions it was the free movement because we didn't know who was entering and we could do nothing to stop them.

Trump is causing so many issues and just causing more trouble for the USA. We all have a different opinion on abortions, but you have to think the impact it will have on the women who can't keep the baby .They will be forced to give them away because they cannot keep them. Its horrible to go through as sometimes the child isn't treated well. The birth Mother will live with the blame for the rest of their lives because they had no other choice. Im not A poltican I'm just a 22year old British citizen I know the mental health system and I know about physical disabilities because I was a carer for both of my parents. There was no support for me and my brother growing up we just had to deal with it. I developed anxiety disorders and gone through medications and therapy I'm not blaming any for it but i know the system for mental illness and I know there isnt enough to be done. I know this is a UK issue but its happening in the USA as well. We need our voices heard and someone to listen and take action rather than fixing things that doesn't need to be fist.