Source: Me. The sun.
..."They are the lowest of the low" teaches Gregory Salcedo city COUNCILMAN CALIFORNIA High School students. A room full.
Like THEY need it...
White students were included.
This was a comment among other NASTIES about our troops, as part of a classroom lecture.
White supremecy comes in many different colors in the USA but more are of OTHER colors than white.
Many aren't even citizens.
Figure that.
Seems if you are white and claim your own color then you are a white supremecist and should be begging for familial genocide.
If you are white & okay with it you deserve to die.
According to Oprah older white people just need to die already.
Gays must not be white either ...if they are republican gays.
Black gays are white supremecists.
All Asians are white supremecists.
Ben Carson...white supremecist
There are allot of republican gays as they love their life & appreciate the tolerance that is afforded in the USA...They LIKE their heads attached to their bodies...
Blacks that dont support that theory and/or have a job are white supremacists.
2 million NON white illegals are offered a deal for citizenship but thats not enough and makes whites "racist" for not giving everyone and their brothers aunts uncles & unborn overseas...full citizenship...
Not one "white" country is included in the amnesty.
All the "colored" "white" supremacists are now comparing our ICE LAW enforcement agents with NAZI's
There's Common Core teaching in full swing...LIES
I suppose non colored black white supremecists who dont see themselves as RACISTS can do this because they are SO SUPREME they can even REWRITE history....did I write that right???
Anyway SUPREME reigns...but only in the color white if you're black.
Clueless and scared shitless is our elected body right now.
They are the scum under the scum of the DC Swamp
There sure is allot of supremacy in ALL skin shades and none of them are supreme beings..NOT ONE
God WILL sort this BULLSHIT out...He has before, He will way or another.