Source: Me The moon. "Shot in the Heart"
"Honor Courage and Commitment"... what PATRIOT Troop SSgt.Johnny Joey Jones has to say about what Southern Californian High School "teacher" & City Councilman Gregory Salcido is
This EDUCATED and EARNED opinion is from a MAN who lost BOTH his legs FIGHTING for a JACKASS to teach American kids to HATE their FIRST LINE of DEFENSE from international threats...HIM

If I was a person that profiles...oh that's right ..I AM...I'd say Gregorio Salcido tienes FAMILIA ilegal en Los Estados Unidos...but I could be wrong...

Anyway..You fans of illegals DO NOT understand what our country was founded on but the illegals that have been given citzenship and chain migration sure know how to take advantage of YOUR idiocy

Just move around the NASTY govts thinking with little rats like Salcido.
They are popping up in small dictatorship towns run by the educated uneducated...that have become the kings and queens of mini dictatorships nationwide.
They have all got to go.
Legal jerks like this TEACHER is an educated uneducated teaching common core crap created for uneducated ANYONE to become followers of the LARGER uninformed IGNORANT mid-level puppet dictatorships...
The elites pay these CRUMBS (as Nancy Pelosi likes to say about a thousand dollars)
The things being said about the USA are really pissing me and MOST of the USA off...ESPECIALLY from the uneducated educated TEACHERS...
I just recently found out that California is stressed out about deportations because they will LOSE TEACHERS?
Please catch the Fox and Friends video from on 29Jan18 and LISTEN to the rest of what SSgt JJ Jones had to say...HONEST to the CORE
...Enough said..