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Another one bites the dust.FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has resigned.A traitor investigating Trump,the fake dossier and so much other stuff HE helped create out of thin air.
He's always been "Baby Face McCabe" to me...
He's worked his resignation to get his retirement via missed vacation days and permitted personal days off.
His and others actions within the FBI have probably cost people lives & jobs but retirement money is on this mans mind...(He'll need it for attorneys)
So many in FBI upper ranks have made a MOCKERY of an institution that was supposed to be above board and neutral. They've embarrased those that work under them by hiding hard worked for evidence and misusing tools that could truly aid if used with... GOD SEES ALL...
in mind.
Its amazing what just a handful of egotisical people can do.The havoc they create for so many thousands,MILLIONS really, of people.
The "loooooong arm" of this Law agency is being killed off.
It extended way to far. Chopping off an arm never worked with Dems in power. They'd just grow another and clone IT.
Demented and out of self control it seems has been running the Nation...into HELL.
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were quite a pair.They really lost their minds on this one by highly underestimating the WILL of the American people and their love of freedom and God almighty.
It was voted to release the memo that will explain the DEPTH of corruption within the FBI and through our Houses,our elected. Quite a few in the Houses didn't want it released at all.Fought in COURT earlier to NEVER have anyone see it INCLUDING our "oversight" comittees!
Crazy calculating criminals is all they are.Blackmailers.Sadists.Evil
I cry for my Nation.
I thank Yahweh daily for President Trump ..I just want people to remember our LEADERS are only as good or bad as we the people allow them to be...Donald Trump wants to be the BEST he can be FOR US...Keep him in your prayers.
There are still those that want to supress free speech and kill babies with the law to back them but they too are dropping off like flies...I just wish it was faster
Feed the evil is still hard at work...but they're losing.
Gods time.