Source: Me Texas sky my yard Sept 13 2017 1:25am
I've spent some time listening to the mainstream media #MSM, free news stations. Those that reach the general public all or poor cable or not.
Its unreal the way they are still pushing the "Russian" narrative as IF this DAMNING memo on the DOJ FBI Houses has to do with Russian activity.
Russians interference in USA elections is the constant drum beat over the USA'S CORRUPT CRIMINAL BODY known as Senate & Congress & our ex Presidents own dirty dealings.
How can they say Russia hacked us when Hillary Clinton was SELLING ACCESS with TRAITOR Barack Obama's knowledge. Her secret server in her HOME apparently had all kinds of personal owner "unknown" computers left laying around in the "secret" space.
What the hell ever!
Media sees their "part" in the corruption falling to the wayside along with their overblown reputations and paychecks.
These USA criminals would rather have a nuclear war than be exposed for their CRIMES against children and USA citizens The WORLD should be CRYING OUT for them to be exposed by now.
Media acts like TRUMP is the FAULT for decades of crime builders. HE builds buildings NOT crime syndicates.
He is familiar with them,I'm sure, or he could'nt have remained successful. As I've said before there is a fine line between a donation and a bribe. Its how the ELECTED who RECEIVED the money,with the POWER to make LAW, perceives the donation that makes it one or the other.
NOT the results/favors from the donations achieved
Our nation is BLESSED that President Trump ran for office and won.Sober and drug free he was with these people ..studying them...HE knows what makes them tick
The WORLD population is also blessed but don't know it because THEY TOO are continually deceived by media propaganda but they are used to it.Thats the norm in socialist & communist countries.
Propoganda was LEGALIZED to be used against Americans under Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.
He legalized FAKE NEWS as a tool AGAINST the Americans on their OWN land to allow for Muslim infiltration via DACA and lottery citizenship.
Unreal that THAT snake from HELL is even walking around at all right now. His clock is about to tick out...HIS energizer bunny is dead.
Nancy Pelosi ,as I stated in another piece,is bringing illegals to the State of the Union address which in my opinion is a PERFECT set-up for the TRUMP administration to save taxpayer dollars by just arresting them ALL on the spot before entering.
Illegals have killed Americans been deported come back and collect checks from these DEM criminals at the top. Some RINO's too (Republicans In Name Only) John McCain is one..a HERO to the enemy ONLY..not to America at all!
There is SO much leading to insider trading and dirty deals that are evidenced by their WEALTH accrued as PUBLIC EMPLOYEES.
If they weren't "heads of state" they WOULD be arrested.
Equal justice has NOT been practiced much over the last 50 yrs...
In closing I just HOPE that JUSTICE starts to move with arrests soon...the USA POSSE'S and Militias are set and are getting tired of waiting for JUSTICE to be served to those that dish it out..
Please pray for our Presidents safety and pray for our UNION.
It is in a State of Divorce from the EVIL leaders worldwide.