Source: Me. Yard Sky Pic... 9/13/17 0126am
The talk before the State of the Union is mind boggling.
The Democrat TAX paid elected representatives making public pronouncements of why they WON'T be attending.
Their supposed "respect for the office".
Their respect for the office is being led by Nancy Pelosi the House minority leaders with her marching illegals into USA'S Halls of Justice to TRY to guilt Trump into going against "We the People."
Their respect for the office was made crystal clear before President Trump was even sworn in with the IMPEACHMENT talk. Still is!
Their respect for the office has been a year of plots and schemes to get him out of office at whatever the cost.
OH the bodies as the crime sprees have been unfolding.
Clintons are still on top of the body count, if you keep genocide out of the equation...Hell they may still be on the top counting that...anyway...
Their respect for the office is shown by the continued no shows to meetings to discuss ANYTHING beyond ILLEGALS being given free reign to everything and MORE,than even the citizens of the respective locales.
That's unfortunately EUROPE'S fate right now.
Thank GOD that leaders world wide are seeing that GOOD can prevail if the ROOTED evil is removed &/or EXPOSED to light.
It seems that the desire of many of the USA'S elected officials is to PROVE they have NO respect for the office of the Presidency OR for the people who elected him.
A good portion of foreign leaders see the benefits of a man with Trumps business sense as do we the people, so ultimately IF leaders lean towards their people again (they can now with evil being rooted out) then people worldwide will benefit in THEIR homelands and leaders may gain respect again.
NOTHING these entrenched elected traitors are doing jives with respect for anything but who can cover their tracks fastest & who can delete and hammer.
They ONLY respect their status and bank accounts.
President Trump LOVES life and humankind...He has ideas and solutions and knows how to get people working together, IF they're willing and can drop their false pride.
There are some that have CHANGED their harsh dislike of Trump to respect,as they have come to work WITH him.
He knows it takes the desire and work of the people to create good things...
Thats why he's open to input & uses Twitter for output
That's why we LOVE him.
He stops lies dead in their tracks by fighting them from the start.
You can do that...when you've got nothing to hide or aren't afraid of anything that may be exposed.Thats President Trump.
He's got balls!
Glory to God!

sidenote...speech over. I've seen enough people strung out on cocaine or meth to recognize specific actions that the hardcore users do...
Just watch Nancy Pelosi while she's forced to sit quiet...her mouth and JAW movements speak for her...IMO