Source: Me. Yard pic...
So..Way to go Democrats.
Could'nt even show enthusiasm for black unemployment numbers being the lowest EVER.
But the most brilliant move...have a KENNEDY come out and trash the President right after a State of the Union that actually focused on America's health and wealth.
Bring out a reminder of the CRIMINALS of past that let women drown in rivers to cover their infidelities as the pitiful "me too" look on.
The created "Camelot" faux royalty that allowed the Hollywood whores to suck the elected straight into CHAIN BLACKMAIL.
OH, and what a grand idea having him speak spanish too.
What is it with Dems always acting as if its ONLY spanish speaking immigrants that come in here?
Guess they don't HIRE MUSLIMS as maids or yard workers...only as White House employees in the intellegence units.
Immigrants from ALL over the world are here ILLEGALLY Kennnedy boy. Better bone up on more languages to be a more fruitful puppet boy to the new world order losers.
He has ALL the Clinton pauses and lip bites down.
He's completely contrived. Totally disrespectful to Americans who actually KNOW the reality.
He's just feeding the sheeple as television feeds the evil.
In God I TRUST and I have NO doubt that this newest Kennedy puppet is a well trained LIAR and manipulator...
You can smell him...