Source: Me. My yard 11/26/17 3;51 pm Sun
It weighs heavy in the air.
Domino drop..
Anticipation of the FBI Memo release.
The memo drop that the FBI head,Wray, is threatening to quit over if it's released...well thats the "rumor."
If you ask me, a MEMO is just "crumbs". I want NAMES!
Wasn't a problem...then suddenly it was.
Quit, is what I say if he has an issue with it.
The Dept of Justice, DOJ, is a bit worried too,so it's gonna be interesting.
The whole world knows USA dirty deeds except WTP of our OPEN society. Ironic.
President Trump has catered to these criminals in order to allow them to HANG themselves.
They're doing a great job at SOMETHING finally.
Who'd of thought that rep Adam Schiff, Democrat, eyes could bug out any more than they already did!
Let me tell you...If Schiff heads eyes don't just POP out completely, I'll be surprised. Between his panicking and Nancy Pelosi grinding away at the CRUMBS in her dentures as the President spoke...
(THATS the story tho I suspect otherwise).... its a BAD comedy routine.
SNL on the Hill.
Its really a demented ELECTED lot of them up there on "the HILL".
I pray those that elected the evil SEE now because its not over till its over.
Yes,Washington DC is a criminals haven..well WAS.
The first group domino is teetering...the Crumbs are being lined up...
Ain't it great!