Source: Me My yard Texas Sky...view "it" LOOKING at you
So..."The Fantastic Four" quoted by a NORMAL non stepford child Jalen Martin ,who was ALSO a student at the school... of Florida's finest brainwashed children out of BROWARD County Florida ,are making the left wing media rounds. Polished and prepared with the standard catch & power phrases to evoke emotion above sensibility.
Jalen Martin was NOT invited to any media events save infowars,so far. He was telling HIS views which didn't jive with the NWO beat.He is also EXACTLY what the LEFT USUALLY looks for in PHYSICAL form to PUSH their agenda.
You couldn't PAY me to send my kids to ANY liberal states schools.
Its evident,the brainwashing in so many of these teens,IF you've spent ANYTIME at all with teens.
The main teen with the best ability to wash,rinse and repeat the script is the son of a retired FBI agent.
Gee what ARE the odds. His poppa probably has dirt held over HIM to this day from the LAST few Presidents!
The FBI is having a TOUGH time thanks to the crooked leaders.The rank and file agents are the saving grace for our country.
They are FREE now from the BLACKMAIL that has controlled the agency..hopefully...
"HOGG" the first of the "Fantastic Four" also was enjoying his time on the CNN studio sets as he goes on HIS Hollywood media mixers returning to school with all the "cool" CNN gear to prove his fame.
I'm so thankful for having discovered INFOWARS as an additional news source to what I see and know already.
They are on this and so far have been able to continue with real news even as twitter,facebook & others are BLOCKING conservatives.
Thank GOD Donald Trump was elected..
Broward County Florida has a LONG history of corruption that most of these kids are clueless of. The county was to recieve an AWARD for being one of the safest places in the USA to live...THAT very week... and the superintendent of the school was at ANOTHER school named MONARCH giving an award when the shooting happened.
Pieces of the puzzle some want to ignore.
Its all going to come out sooner or later, like it or not.
The Lord God has been called upon to HELP us HELP OURSELVES and I for one am thankful...There is hope.
It bothers me that a grandmother said her granddaughter was missing and there has been NO follow up on that and teachers seem to have been targeted which is ALSO quite a curiosity considering the Paedophelia busts ongoing Nation wide.
Were both victims and witnesses taken out?
I'm telling you THAT COUNTY is BIZZARE.
Our President had a listening meeting yesterday which was amazing. Gratefully BOTH sides of the equation were talked about.
ARMING teachers is gaining steam.
I'm in agreement.
I also think NON gun owners need to register and get insurance in case they are in danger and have to rely on the POLICE whom they don't trust.
That way if a cop is too late or bad ...they have MONEY to make them FEEL better
And last Gun Free Zones to be renaimed UNPROTECTED ZONES to WARN the MAJORITY that they are in danger and have entered a gunfree zone.
Anyway,please continue to pray for the USA ...our freedom is yours...or we could ALL end up in MORE St Valentines Blood.