once again in this building made up of bricks and tears.
the school im about to go to has a high suicide rate (i dont know if i spelt that correctly [or that]) life is very tiring (did i spell that right?)
i have to pinch myself to keep my mind off of insecurities because it mentally helps me focus.
i like anime
i really like weraing the color black (i cant explain why)
i thrift shop
i wear makeup
i like drawing creppy stuff (like eye balls with wings [very intresting])
i love reading books my most recent one is rosa parks ``my story`` i got it from my bus driver!
i love typeing ( thats why i found this) because it makes me finger more active and go faster so i enjoy it alot and think of it as practice!
people think the school work is easy i think is is hard looks like some people have differnet opinions!
this daily writing is longer than all of my other writing and i hope you enjoyed reading please make sure to
eat food
drink water
and take a nap (break)
thank you!