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One day during the perennial unpredictable pandemic you wake up after several years of writing your masterpiece novel & realize that you have written your masterpiece novel. You know in your heart of hearts that it's the best job you could possibly accomplish & you want to share it with the world on Amazon & other key websites. You're from New York City street wise & totally fifth & sixth senses sense wise & nothing in the world will stop you from making it your prize landmark book for the world to read!! Your physical condition is super well & you're also the master not just of your words but you're also a master of your health not ever getting seriously sick & also believe in your natural immunity which comes with applying many great healthy habits in your daily life as you're a vegan non drinker & have never been a drug addict nor a smoking addict & you're New York very much a city slicker responsible for your luminous good causes & are accountable for everything you stand up for on line! Your book was self published by European publishers & you will be republished & the second book is forth coming!! You are NOT a victim of any scam as you have had a strong disposition & are physically immune. Your immune system is your treasure & your weaponized defense. This calamity victim story happened to someone dear to me & it's another form of a plague Interpol & other law enforcement agencies around the world need to conquer & destroy for good!! This damning scam is like a plague but is still on going but the pandemic is receding but still news & remains so world wide & in the meantime many writer victims are left bereft, bankrupt & helpless with these international scams aimed at writers!! The scammers metastasize like legions of roaches or lethal insects & make their targets the victimized innocent writers who have no say on what's coming their way because law enforcers & law enforcement agencies are letting the culprits live with the benefits of their sinister schemes & scams they enjoy every day!!

All of a sudden the phone rings & it's a female stranger with a very smooth mellifluous sweet talking voice calls you out of the blue! It's someone you never heard of but someone offering the greatest opportunity for your book & as the smooth voice originally from the Philippines but says she's coming from California. Many times they are actually calling from the Philippines! It's very important to know that her partner in crime is very obedient to her & someone who does her bidding is a man living in the Philippines who at the time banked in the Philippines also never reveal their culpability even when they are caught pleading that their promise to get that most desired traditional contract for the victim writer. This man whose name I will not mention because he & she are juggling their massive sinister scams upon the worlds' self published writers on Amazon. They look at the self published books on Amazon before deciding who to engage with & what books to target for their sleazy filthy scams & who to call next!

You are about to be burned at the writers' stake & you don't know it!! To answer & speak to these demons in the flesh is to doom your life your sweat, tears & life given versatility to your creations, your books made out of your innate DNA talent that these callous swindlers are about to take your sanity, your bank account & incinerate it! In the writer beware website which I very much recommend to every writer's protection the name of this smooth felon's name the female ring leader's name is mentioned in the writer beware website. Her real name is not mentioned & we don't know her real name because she's an alias & uses a false identity! That should give every writer a very potent clue as she's known as the smooth voice indeed! Her partner is a swindler from the Philippines who is the person all unwitting USA writers who fall for this very sophisticated cleverly engineered lopsided lethal inescapable trap is asked to pay for very pointed worthless things.

This very Machiavellian treacherous devious impersonator posing as a female literary agent has a partner perpetuating this outrageous evil is the one man this conniving vampire of gluttony & greed gets his instructions from thereby getting his vampire fangs into many accounts from the USA. It starts with the smooth voice false identity vampire woman using the name of a genuine literary agent by that name persuading very ambitious writers to let her take over their career because only she can get what the writer has always dreamed of which is a traditional contract perhaps a perhaps a six figure one in which fortune & fame is awaiting you! They begin with a website for the self published writer from the USA & they charge for it & the naive ill advised about to be ripped off innocent victims maliciously & so callously walk into a weaponized land mine which is an unforgiving scheme as evil as it gets!! The only downfall the victim has is that she or he is unbeknownst to all of this & learns about it when it's too late!! After he or she pays for his or his website the money goes to the Philippines & to the man who's the partner of this witch of all trades!! She sweet talks her way by calling the deceived one & performing an academy award winning performance luring her victim's deeper & deeper into the grip of her attack on them! They get a barrage of lies so foul like saying to them with her smooth voice tinged with an oriental accent that they will get international acclaims when their book is a success because the traditional contract with a traditional publisher is coming their way!! The smooth voice poisoner scatters her venom with a whip lashed tongue invoking doom but the doomed writers do not realize she's making it all up so that she can rip off their banks!!

The USA writers begin to live in a world of delusional evil & those sparks & doses of delusional evil are spattering their lives with doom. After so many calls to convince them to pay thousands for example she asks the deluded USA writers for 6 thousand dollars & more thousands let's not forget for that long awaited MOVIE TRAILER of their book!! The book movie trailer is one of their very pervasive themes which goes with their package of criminal deception to rip off the writer's accounts!! They do very well because they prepare the book movie trailers for the conned writers they do it with professional panache because they do hire professionals to do the book movie trailers & they are really professional & stupendous many times!! The writers are under an evil spell thinking that for real their dreams of literary success are really knocking at their door!! The book movie trailers from these clever scammers come out to be so convincing that the writers believe that there's a contract in the near future! Their excitement escalates because of the quality of the book movie trailer! They mistakenly believe that there's a contract in the near future. Their excitement escalates because of the quality of the book movie trailer!

They mistakenly believe that their super book trailer things will happen for real because the way it works is when the poison makers make their move they tell the victims that the book movie trailer is very important & key to their getting a 6 figure contract with a traditional publisher. They are elated & believe the delusional evils they've been contaminated with!! Soon other fees come into the picture especially when the smooth voiced contagion camouflaged as a human tells her victim that indeed the traditional publisher let's say is a leading one wants to read their book at the 6 thousand dollar price but think a moment. If these ridiculous claims which could never be true or logical because if they wanted to read their work it can be read on line with Kindle & not with 6 thousand dollars in their scamming banks!! But they the writers are poisoned with ambition that does not think logically!! These thoughts lure the writers deeper into their destruction of their being conned by delusions of evil power distorting their sense of truth. They think they have the most wonderful opportunity because they they have the most wonderful book movie trailer!! In truth lies with so many lethal poisons come the way of the writers!! They tell the writers that they are getting many great reactions with the book movie trailer they made of their book!! They also bring on their power meeting with one of the traditional publishers in which they are lying in a pool of treacherous heinous lies in which they tell the writer that they've had a zoom meeting with the traditional publisher & have shown them their super professional elaborate book movie trailer!! It is all an ugly hideous scam of the most degenerate kind because no such zoom meeting ever took place!! They are outrageous impostors every one of them getting more degenerate as they continue the contagion of kidnapping peoples' dreams & ripping off their bank accounts as they lure & lure more victims!!

The level of psychotic degenerates takes on a new level of lunacy & madness & criminality because law enforcement is doing nothing in this category of scamming so many good legitimate people!! In truth they do get away with it all of the time!! No headlines exist for the arrest & arraignment of these international scammers!! After a period of continuous scams at the huge expense of the poor writers whose accounts have been pilfered is coming to a head!! It comes to a head let's say 6 months to 9 months of paying for the criminality of the scammers & the writers will be persecuted & left with nothing but tears of bitterness & guilt as to their being scammed , ripped off & abandoned! In the end of criminality triumphs because the international scammers are not arrested or put into jail. Their bank in the Philippines may lock up their account as they did in the case I've exposed here BUT soon after this crime story had the partner of this woman's infamous partner whose account was red flagged in the Philippine bank as a fraudulent account because the partner of your writing career!! There's a slight accent that tells you it's someone you never heard of but soon you will know that the slight accent in this distinctive slightly accented smooth sounding voice is from the Philippines. This should be a giveaway that this is a scam call offering you a traditional book publisher that is if you pay for it but at this early stage of the game the victim writer is NOT AWARE of the gravity & the perilous danger this call symbolizes!! This woman with the slight oriental accent from the Philippines is a pro & has a false identity but little does the victim writer know that a very well devised orchestrated plan is in store for the victim writer. The conversations all begin with superfluous bombastic flamboyant remarks about the victim writer's books or book whatever it may be & the victim writer knows they got all the information from Amazon & they very much want to help the victim writer get a traditional publisher for their book or books & they alone can help the writer who's been chosen to suffer from these despicable corrupt felonies which are to be committed against all the innocent writers & society is not about to have any MERCY on the innocent chosen victim writers as the pandemic flourishes & metastasizes as these corrupt scams grow exponentially & astronomically. As the phone calls multiplied & kept coming the dear victim writer I know began to arrange the payments to the predatory scammers who are always waiting in the wings for their amoral rewards from the decent innocent unwitting victim writers like my dear close one this happened to!!

The victim writers always take an offer seriously unwitting about the scurrilous scams that will produce predatory financial damage to their lives !! For many victim writers it will be the worst crime ever perpetrated on their lives & they will learn no justice will be on their side because unfortunately no leading law enforcement in a city like New York City where this case took place will be investigating any victim writers ' international scams of which many of them originate in the Philippines as we now know!! If victim writers of these scams go to a very invaluable website called " Writer Beware" a very priceless website called " Writer Beware" a very priceless website warning potential victim writer scams & the culpable scammers who participate as the responsible person in charge of all of these international scams is a wonderful adviser on who to believe or disbelieve! This website Writer Beware is compulsory a map of who to trust & who not to trust at all! If my dear one close to me would have looked into this website she would have known that this smooth seductive voice with the slight oriental accent is known this false identity criminal literary agent criminal woman was red flagged by his bank her partner's bank who did nothing & the bank of the writer thought that the writer of this particular writer in this story was also defrauded by the bank because the bank of the writer thought that the writer had colluded with the scammers!! Yes this is a trail of lunacy & madness you can not make up. The bank unlocked the bank account of the partner of this criminal woman in the Philippines & that gave him the freedom to continue his degeneracy at ripping off the innocent writers! The day of reckoning comes but it's the ripped off scammed writers who pay as the writer did in this case. Although the department of the Attorney General in New York know of this scam it remains open & the scammers in the Philippines have access to more & more writers' accounts as they cleverly maneuver their way to more financial triumphs to come. No justice for the writer victims ever ! That is the way of our present world! Victims pay perennially!