like usual boring day with a boring beginning though we have a hard test one konday to define if im moving up a grade or staying in the same one hopefully i look prettier than now for when i go to my next school because right now i may be the prettust girl in the school but in the next school ill proably be the exact oppiste i might end up being the ugliset but we never know til we get there right? still i wanna look pretty and get the most attention and be altleast a little selfish for myself but for some reason when other people say things like that it makes me very very angry as if someone is stabbing me in my heart and saying ``YELL AT EM` ` it doesnt feel good espelly if you have anger issues it is quite hard to hold back on tose since you cannot control them so they go lose like wild dogs seeing a stranger or a robber seeing a cop! this daily writing i think is the most i have typed up since i first started typing either way typing brings me pleasure and happiness so i dont think ill ever give up on typing though the way i type is pretty weird i dont think its unusual though this is only the start of the day i feel i have to share what i feel first then what i feel in the end.i will keep you updated as much as a i can but until thatthis passage shall stay a draft or i might just post it or i might just continue writing til the end of time. my teaher said ``i dont know what youre doing but all i know is that you arent supposed to be doing it.`` (sory for my poor spelling it isnt quite the birght in my eye)i dont kow how many people see my writing but i hope they enjoy. if my teacher takes my computer and goes and reads this i think i would be embarresed because not only does she have the right to show to whole class.thats enough for the day. goodbye and enjoy!