We have tried to forgive our selves-but there are things we
Always turn to with regret and the knowlege that we were
Not kind. cruel and that we will know no matter how
Much we ratoinalize what we did for it will be forever guilty.
Gurus tell us to love our self as if they had discovered the
Answer-The truth is is we cannot love and forgive our self
If we take credit for the peace we must take eqal credit
For the warj our ownustice divides us; and our pride turns
Around to despise us. Lucifer as caste out of heaven because
Of his pride
The essence of that pride is that he did not need forgiveness
From God he could just forgive himself and all would be well
It is certain that we cannot forgive ourselves for our worst sins
Nor will we succeed in loving ourselves. For a moment we may
See with the Eye of God and know compassion even to not re-
membering; and in that ecstatic moment we also forget the source
That has set us free and proudly think we are our own redeemer
apart from Our Father in heaven and so we like a falling star
Return to earth whre we again know of our great need for our
Father in heaven or we may choose the pretense of vanity. a vain
Glorious pride taking us ever deeper into the nether regions of Grief
But yet I say all men know this in their hearts and not all pretense
Is pure evil-The Lord knowest our hearts and is quick to be merciful
To the humble to those that know they have need of His Charity