You can say that I have become the human Feline soul whisperer for my beloved beautiful Feline Delta Stargate who passed away in my arms on November 17,2020. Before his arrival to our home 16 years ago,the feline unbreakable love bond was already in progress & was to grow unlimited with the coming arrival of our Delta Stargate. I called him that because he was coming from hellsgate in which his feline biological brother had been brutally thrown out the window in a home that was full of an animal cruelty history with a mentally unstable women who was delusional demented & her mentally ill demented drug addict son. Delta Stargate was to be saved & with the magic of fate brought him to me & my husband when a very proactive animal loving experienced animal rescuer from Queens came to me with Delta Stargate about to have the gates of love & TLC beauty open up to him & that was 16 years ago because Delta Stargate lived & loved his life with his guardian me & my husband for 16 love enriching years.

This animal rescuer who brought Delta Stargate in his carrier had aids & was living with it. I sometimes wonder what happened to Joe with Aids who rescued & saved so many animals in the tristate area. He told me that the kitten I named Delta Stargate was to live on Park Avenue but he would drop off this male kitten to me first. We had an all white young kitty at the time named Stargazy here already & the name Stargazy has significance for me as I named the protagonist in my book “Force Fields from Beyond” Stargaze who becomes a leader mentoring humanity in a world where living with ETS is the new norm. When Delta Stargate arrived at out home little did I know that these feline love bonds are inspiration for a creative force that would come later. Delta Stargate a dark grey domestic beauty with long bushy dark grey hair had one eye & that’s the mystery of Delta Stargate because we never knew whether Delta Stargate had been injured in his eye or born with one eye or hopefully not abused & had lost his eye so we never knew which one was the true fact. He had one good bright green eye & we loved his uniqueness right off the bat! Right off the bat Delta Stargate & I would also call him “DEL” for short was already smitten with his new environment & Stargazy as they clicked & were so comfortable with his new environment. But also we were already in love with Delta Stargazy & everyone was smitten & in the love daze! Soon Stargazy who lived to be nine years only adored Delta Stargate & their time together & with us were the Utopian Stargates of blissful perfection. I think to myself I love every second of life loving all the feline bonds in my life from the four tabbies Kitty Kalinka Rudia Misha & Ludwig & these 4 tabbies had long passed when Delta Stargate came to live in his forever home. The others like Stargazy Delta Stargate Cosmicglowie Elulu & now our only one living Lyra Galactic who’s the sole survivor of these feline love bonds throughout the years as nothing can disconnect this impenetrable life line of feline love bonds. Delta Stargate was the epitomy of enjoying his food feasts though I wished all felines & doggies would be vegan he wasn’t but we fed him with perennial passion with unceasing exuberance every day! As the years multiplied Delta Stargate grew to be 22 pounds & he was a hunk of feline handsomeness beauty & grace not to mention he was adorably spoiled! He adored Stargazy & what a starry feline couple they made. Delta Stargate was neutered early on & I’ll always remember the excitement I felt after this successful operation carrying him home in his special carrier! He was the princely feline & okay after all that & that alone led me to a multiplicity of love joys Delta Stargate always gave me. I was ecstatic to live with this feline love bond! When Stargazy passed on of a brain tumor at nine years old I was enraged how nature could bring such brutal fates on the most innocent on earth the animals & pets. I was in a shock knowing that Stargazy’s life would be so short & what was the meaning of having a lovely innocent cat die of a brain tumor??? Delta Stargate missed Stargazy after she passed away in my arms & had had some kind of seizure when she stopped breathing in my arms! I asked myself why medicine had not climaxed with scientific supremeness with cures & solutions to prevent any of these scourges from ever happening! Was veterinary medicine & medicine for people that backward in the backwoods of medicinal solutions which didn’t come & never comes at times. It was a tragic loss to lose the first soul mate Delta Stargate would have. Feeling the traumatizing bereftness was an indescribable pain & I knew that our feline boy prince needed that soul mate companion ship which was coming to Delta Stargate’s who needed a Soulmate still playing as he was being the quintessence of feline grace & feline beauty. He missed Stargazy gone too soon at 9 years old & I unknownst to me didn’t know then that Stargazy was the inside inspiration I would have because I used that name Stargaze in my science fiction book as the protagonist whose mission was to make mankind mentally prepared to live with the ETS on earth in my story. It's become a form of amazement to me how almighty powerful & sweepingly perennial his feline love can be & that applies to dog owners also because your pet love joy is inspiration inside you & a cosmic force inside you! We had a feline mission to make my feline Delta Stargate as happy as he could me because my feline mission is a mission of love joy pure love sealed with a love vow to be with our feline lifeline love vow & its limitless immensity for good. So then the grown up Delta Stargate Feline knew he was in his feline kingdom a comfortable clean New York apartment getting the richness & the exuberance & extravagance of our love vow to him. Delta Stargate was given to me by a gifted loving animal rescuer named JOE who had Aids & his agenda was rescuing animals as he had rescued Delta Stargate with the one eye. Yes my feline love joy had come with one seeing eye we never knew whether he was born with one eye or this was a consequence of an animal abuser killer who was the drug addict son of this crazed ballet loving woman I once knew. This one eye surmising as to how & why he had that one eye remained unknown forever. If it hadn’t been for my love for the ballet this crazed woman would not have known me as she went to the ballets at Lincoln Center when I did. Madness & the beauty of the ballet brought us to know each other. Fate works in mysterious ways.

I sometimes wonder what happened to this dedicated unselfish loving animal savior who rescued so many abandoned animals in trouble & who rescued our beloved Delta Stargate as Delta Stargate had been with the demented woman for a short time who was mentally ill who had the demented son who was an animal abuser killer & an incurable hell bent drug addict. This drug addict son of hers had thrown a cat out of the window who I understand was Delta Stargate’s brother. This was the hellsgate atmosphere of where our beloved Delta Stargate had been in so I called him Stargate because he had left the hellsgate behind forever & ever!! My anguish over Stargazy’s absence grew more painful & I knew that a feline named Cosmicglowie would be on the agenda on the horizon of our life. I knew I had found her at a Vet’s office of a vet who called herself the English vet who was from the UK. I had fixated my eyes into these glowing pair of huge green eyes before I knew she was a calico being of such radiant feline beauty. I knew without a doubt I had found Cosmicglowie & that Delta Stargate was in need of a Cosmicglowie & she was coming ASAP. In our neighborhood at the time was a miraculous place where I heard the English vet had found homes for 1000 cats & our Cosmicglowie was there & I had said to myself if this beautiful one year old kitty is still here next week at Loving Hands then I’m meant to be her loving guardian. Cosmicglowie who was called Isabelle at the time was at Loving Hands waiting for me! Delta Stargate was home waiting to see the new feline arrival named Cosmicglowie. I had adopted this lovely creature I named Cosmicglowie & her light instantly integrated with Delta Stargate’s light feline love at first sight as in all animals exits! What a lively energetic luminous vibrant pair Delta Stargate & Cosmicglowie made. The English vet always made sure that all cats were spayed & neutered before having them adopted & was so ethical & super kind because she had rescued Cosmicglowie from a parking lot in the Bronx & what a beyond the moon superlunary ecstatic arrival was Cosmicglowie! She loved me calling her name which she caught onto right away. They were glowing exquisite as a couple of loving feline union & they were blessed every single moment of their togetherness & infinite commitment. I just took such stupendous pleasure in giving them everything I could. Transcendent feline ness was all around us! They played like champion feline athletes & Cosmicglowie’s cute adulterated hissing at Delta stargate was charming & laughable. My definition of everything is fine in our household was having my three beautiful feline loves in a state of copacetic bliss because they become part of you & when they’re not okay you’re not okay either but blessedness with feline love power enshrined my life with them. We had at the time three beloved cats because a kitty named ELULU was also part of the feline trio here & Elulu was a neglected beautiful kitty also a companion to Delta Stargate who was a loving feline also to Delta Stargate. Elulu was rescued by me because she was neglected & her owner was apathetic & disinterested in her. Her life also was short with us a mere 3 & a half years passed away from Renal failure. In getting her to live as much as I wanted didn’t take effect because saving Elulu just didn’t happen as this was a case where the Animal hospital charged 8000 dollars for NOT saving Elulu & Elulu Delta Stargate & Cosmicglowie lived under one roof of feline love fruition every day & those 3 & a half years that Elulu lived in her forever home with us was precious & resplendent. They were & still are priceless forever I have beautiful photos also & have been sleeping with their ashes also.Elulu was a saintly feline whose atmosphere of caring love showered her life. I tried in vain to keep her alive with an animal hospital just so incompetent to save her life as it happens so often with veterinary medicine & human medicine fails & this was such a case. I struggled with her thinness & lack of energy. I loved her so & had veterinary medicine had given her a cure for renal failure she would have had a longer life.When I adopted her she was 11 years old & frail. The thing about Elulu was that while in the animal hospital the hospital staff member had told me that Elulu passed away in the hospital during her stay but reverted back to the living! This incident was haunting for me & I was beside myself with grief that the outcome had not been life for Elulu. My desire to save ELULU was astronomical but hopeless. That to me her coming back to life in the animal hospital was a sign that Elulu could stay alive but when she came home it was less than 5 days & she was gone. I missed Elulu so madly that her absence was excruciating. When all three kitties were in the state of homeostatis in their forever home with us so was I. Our force of love for each other was our well being homeostatis.It was Delta Stargate & Cosmicglowie in their forever home with us. Another kitty would come as a rescue who was welcome in the interim years named Lyra Galactic still in her forever home with us as the only kitty we have now. As the years flew by Cosmicglowie developed inflammatory bowel syndrome & that’s when vet bills become exuberant & unwelcomed. Many times Delta stargate would walk down the steps outside our apartment but still in our apartment building & also inspect everything as the place he lived in was his physical world he always wanted to see with his one eye & touch. I was always supervising him & watching Delta Stargate like a hawk. I loved watching him because the fatal mistake many pet owners are guilty of is not watching their beloved pets like a hawk then something terrible may happen when you’re not watching them like your children which they are! Cosmicglowie knew she was passionately devotedly loved by my husband & me & by the time Cosmicglowie got sick Delta Stargate had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a disease I never knew was so disturbing & progressive.A very invasive treatment was recommended for Delta Stargate with radiation & away from him which I rejected because it was about radiation as the treatment which made me churned & reject with suspicious anxiety I couldn’t live with having radiation as a treatment & being separated from Delta Stargate was unthinkable. Cosmicglowie was barely 12 years old when life was waning in her then thinner body with a couple of dental operations behind her which she survived but her vet then always thought that she had cancer but wanted to do a very invasive 3000 dollar out of pocket test on her which I refused so I sought a second opinion in changing vets altogether so I fired the mercenary vet at the time for another one who wouldn’t ask for a 3000 dollar invasive test. Cosmicglowie like Delta Stargate always had an omnivorous appetite but was thinner & not gaining weight despite her vigorous appetite. That was agitating to me not gaining weight no matter how much Cosmicglowie ate. That was a red flag also about her health. At that time we had both Delta Stargate with his Methimazole medicine for hyperthyroidism taking it every day & Cosmicglowie also sick taking Budesonide every day for her inflammatory bowel syndrome. It was apparent that with Methimazole that the once vibrant 22 pounds that was Delta Stargate’s weight had diminished as he had lost a lot of weight when he was diagnosed with Thyroidism.

Both medications do have their adverse effects. I always thought that even though Delta Stargate was taking Methimazole that some how he would gain weight not lose weight like it was happening. I was determined to change the status of losing weight for beloved Delta Stargate’s situation & for beloved Cosmicglowie I had food present constantly trying to improve both of them. They had been perfect in their weight & Delta Stargate at 22 pounds was a vibrant healthy feline with everything but this thinner version of Delta Stargate & Cosmicglowie wasn’t right or healthy. The day that Cosmicglowie didn’t eat one morning was the day that it took all day for her to pass & I was helpless on a Sunday & no hope of reviving her but her last moments were deceiving to me because I had her favorite sardine food ready because she hadn’t eaten at all that day & for me I knew that before the day was over her passing was approaching & when a beloved is leaving you every cell in you is mourning & howling to please not let this happen because all the miracles you want to occur were decimated. You believe you’re helpless & that helplessness is your worst nightmare. The beguiling moment came when I took the sardines & gave it to Cosmicglowie hoping she would eat it & for a moment there when Cosmicglowie actually ate it in an aggressive manner at 9 pm I thought well here’s the moment that she will be herself & not die as Cosmicglowie grasped the sardine aggressively from my hand I thought that would be the sign of revival! I was beguiling myself because I was denying the reality of her departure. To my horror for that hopeful moment when I thought Cosmicglowie would come back but her passing happened immediately in my arms with me thinking that death wasn’t at hand but a revival of Cosmicglowies life was entering but it wasn’t. Like her then vet said it’s when the near death state enters when medicine no longer works as this is what happened with Cosmicglowie. I thought that split second outreach was going to make a difference between life & death & I had wagered on life & was so wrong as Cosmicglowie passed away in a split second in that very moment. I had known this would happen on that particular day but when Cosmicglowie grabbed my hand aggressively to eat the sardine I was just gob smacked that this was the moment of passing & not the revival of Cosmicglowie. For a split second I mistakenly thought that sardine bite would change everything but it didn’t! It’s all very bizarre with all the thorns it comes with in your howling lugubrious pain choking heart. I was soothed by the animal whisperer Byrn Durham who I had a session with about the after life of Cosmicglowie. That Cosmicglowie knew that she was leaving her forever home on earth for a week she knew. They are more prescient & more visionary than humans can ever be! I also under the assumption that the second half of her Cosmicglowie’s life was approaching but that never had a chance. Your forever loving photo album with your pet beloveds should always be near you. The cat whisperer animal medium life after death was very detailed in summarizing the place where Cosmicglowie is & it was food for thought a place with trees fairies & angels. Delta Stargate followed & would be with us in his forever home for 15 months thereafter. We then had two kitties & the absence of Cosmicglowie was very ubiquitous & stirring. It’s as if the energies of your home life is also in shock dealing without the presence of a departed loved one! Surely when someone you love is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism you are not informed about the deterioration of the body as this started to take shape. It’s true there’s no weight gain & here Delta Stargate was & is a feline hero of the greatest order. Delta Stargate he only had his youngest feline soulmate who was & is Lyra Galactic another feline sweetie who used to play with Delta Stargate. Delta Stargate’s heart knew that Cosmicglowie his soulmate & partner in love being bereft in inconsolable bereftness because of departure can never be the way it was. Drowning in bereftness looking for the cure for bereftness which doesn’t manifest. With Delta Stargate losing weight looking more & more cachetic is the word that this condition evokes. We would give Delta Stargate bathes & he enjoyed these bathes immensely as warm water & bubbly shampoo would just envelope him. There was so much bubbly courage as Delta Stargate would try & climb up over the tub even though he couldn’t the impossible is what he knew he had inside him. He knew that healthy body inside him was denying him being himself! We would dry him with the blow dryer & he loved it. Here was the bathing he loved in his spa his forever home & I wanted his presence to be a forever loving home for me. Our feline love was & is a growing wonder & I always wanted Delta Stargate’s health to be aligned with promise & wellness but it wasn’t progressing for the positive. How come nothing could help?? The love grew uncontrollably but his health deteriorated as he sometimes would say Meow at night it was like a rhapsodic song from a paradise with his illimitable touch of Delta Stargate’s special imprint. I used to love the sound of his perfect musical meow resonating so beautifully it would & does inspire me. It would happen at night sometimes when he’d reached out with that special resonating meow mellifluous effect. As time wore on Delta Stargate lost his ability to walk & the vet gave him some medicine so that he could walk but I changed to Pet Well Being hoping that Natural Cat medicine would be the answer but little did I know that nothing would help. The fact of the matter was that A product line for cats & dogs & more of a natural line of Dog & Cat products for wellness I wrongfully thought would save his life. I was desperate & when your beloved is clinging to life the love giver & caregiver is in a state of insatiable disquietude. We realized that Delta Stargate’s ability to walk was gone & that the medicine didn’t work as it was just as useless as the Methimazole that was prescribed when he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. When medicine stops to work & your beloved is living on barrowed time it’s a overwhelming panic that envelops you with limitless tenacity to find the panacea for your beloved. This was my state & the medicine that we cling to since the hyperthyrpoidism diagnosis rejected Delta Stargate & so did the medicine that was meant to make him walk also rejected Delta Stargate. I relied on the Pet wellness product for thyroid health CBD for miracles & then hoped against hope that there would be a light somewhere where I could latch onto. I thought about Delta Stargate’s female companions starting with Stargazy, Elulu Cosmicglowie & for 6 years the current survivor Lyra Galactic always eating with Delta Stargate & being the sweet feline ally companion soulmate family member to him! You see these felines were & are soulmates forever! Our beautiful life together is the feline human serenade singing in our DNA with a full orchestra! So when Pet wellness & CBD didn’t work I went with Delta Stargate to a new vet for the first & last time. It was the one last thread of hope but that thread had vanished. We knew the end was near with the signals we saw & when Delta Stargate stopped eating we knew it was the end as Delta Stargate had always loved eating & being fed. It was seven days after we visited the new vet that Delta Stargate passed away in my arms as I was ready to give him water. II held him closely. I felt Delta Stargate’s soul inside me & that sensation has lingered on. In this moment I think of Delta Stargate every day every moment because I want to know that he’s with our beloved Cosmicglowie Stargazy & Elulu. I think about our 4 previous beloved tabbies long gone & how will fate arrange so that our beloved kitties will live with us again. The strangest manifestation is that now our lone one kitty Lyra Galactic rises her head upward looking at a particular SPOT in the apartment & just stares as if she’s seeing Delta Stargate with departed beloved ones. WE must be aware that cats are psychic creatures sometimes seeing what we can not see!

Many times Lyra Galactic senses someone or something behind a wall & I can’t help think that who she’s staring at is our beloved Delta Stargate all cured of his ailments & hyperthyroidism well & so anxious to be with us again! The highly psychic Lyra Galactic feels something someone behind the wall & she stays there contemplating. It fascinates me & enthralls me with wonder because I sense that Delta Stargate is making communication with her. The next time I call on the animal psychic medium it will be Byrn Durham who gave me a description of where Cosmicglowie is & details about her afterlife & hope they are together Delta Stargate Cosmicglowie & other feline love bond beloveds together as I’m not ever letting go of the greatness of the feline love bond I have with Delta Stargate & all of my kitty love bonds with a close bond running through our life narrative of the resurrection of these feline love bonds entering our lives forever with feline loves resonating in resurrected bonded lives!