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Holdin’ You

You hold me down when you think I’m goin’ crazy.

You hold me up when you think I’m goin’ down

You hold my feet to the fire when I’m too damned lazy,

Just keep on’ holdin’ me,

Keep on holdin’ me,

Keep on holdin me,

You know I’ll come around.

Holding on for love, as if I have a choice,

Your love’s the best thing I’ve ever known,

I know you understand deep in your heart the way I feel,

I can hear it in your voice, I’ll never be alone.

You hold the world hostage when you’re angry,

And I hide behind my wall, far out of range,.

Still I hold your hand when your world gets uneasy,

I’ll hold my heart forever in your hands,

You hold me to my word when I’m stretchin’ out the truth,

And I’ll keep on holdin’ you,

Just keep on holdin’ me,

We’ll hold each other tight,

We’re gonna come around.