Source: Wikimedia Commons
In a rant on his social media platform “Truth Social” just after the recent mid-terms, former president Donald Trump took aim at Virginia's governor Glenn Youngkin, first claiming Youngkin could not have come close to winning without his endorsement. Trump then decided to make a racist jab about Youngkin’s last name - claiming “it sounds Chinese.”

Gee, I don’t know about that Mr. President. A "Youngkin" sounds to me more like one of the dates Matt Gaetz would try to sneak across state lines, so he could buy her alcohol. In fact, that probably explains why a guy named Youngkin would be so popular with voters in southwestern Virginia, but I digress.

Now, after all these mid-term losses, many are contending Trump's influence is waning. To counter that, and keep his spirits up, senior advisors are pumping him up, telling him things like “You could have been a contender. You could have been somebody!” Meanwhile, Trump continues to burn bridges faster than the Ukrainian army. That said, all is not lost. After all, Kayne West still likes him.

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