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Governor Glenn Youngkin has introduced a new proposal for Virginia’s elementary schools, which would remove any mention of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from the curriculum of every elementary school in Virginia. In addition, the proposal also bans topics such as lynching from being taught until 6th grade, and Christopher Columbus' role in the slave trade cannot be taught until 11th grade.

Well, that makes things pretty clear. There will be no damn teaching of “woke history” on Gov. Youngkin’s watch! Now, you can call me crazy, but this almost sounds like “Cancel Culture!” So, what’s up next - no more references to the “Civil War?” It must now be referred to as “Stinkin’ Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression?” It’s all part of the Republican plan to replace “woke” history books, with these new, improved - MAGA history books.

Of course, Republicans justify the move by claiming that teaching about slavery and racial discrimination makes white children feel “uncomfortable.” Gee, and to think all these years I’ve been under the impression that the whole point of teaching history was learning about our past, not to make people feel “comfortable.” Hell, if it’s comfort you’re after, I bet those kids would feel a helluva lot more “comfortable” watching cartoons sitting in Barcaloungers, rather than learning about shit people did ages ago, while they’re sitting in tiny, uncomfortable hardwood desks.

Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for not being “home-schooled.” That said, what we’re obviously seeing here is some mighty fancy cultural “whitewashing” - with special emphasis on the “white” part. The thing is, the courts ruled a long time ago that Dixiecrats (who now call themselves MAGA Republicans) - can’t stop black children from going to the same schools where white children go, so I guess poor Republicans feel erasing history is all they have left.

Oddly, this will mean school kids in Virginia will continue to get “MLK Day” off as a holiday, but will have no idea why. Things could get a bit awkward when students ask their teachers, “Martin Luther King, who’s that?” And teacher will have to respond, “I’m sorry, but state law does not allow me to answer that. You’ll either have to Google it, or ask someone from another state to answer your question.”

So, the problem is, “just how do you talk about Martin Luther King Day, without mentioning Martin Luther King?” Well, I guess you’ll just have to move to Virginia - if you wanna find that out. This is yet another example of the old “Imagine your history is so horrifying, you try to ban people from learning about it.” Well, that’s why it’s so important for folks to remember that this “aw-shucks fascist,” with that great big smile like our Glenn Youngkin - is still a fascist.

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